Adam and Tayah, Who Married On Spot Are Expecting A Child!



Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria, who both participated in the British edition of the show Married at First Sight, have announced that they are expecting their first child together. Adam and Tayah both appeared on the show.

The two reality show stars just just celebrated the one year anniversary of their actual wedding, which was featured on the programme in 2021. The event took place in real life. They were one of the most successful couples in that season’s competition, which they participated in together.

What About Tayah’s Prediction About Her Pregnancy

During their time on the show, Tayah made a prediction that she will become pregnant with her husband this year. In an interview with OK!, Tayah expressed how “excited” she and her husband are to become parents. Both Tayah and her husband appeared as contestants on the show at the period that they were both a part of it.

adam and tayah

“I had prophesied that it would happen, and sure enough, it did!” Tayah started off by saying, “We Could Not Be Any More Excited. The most embarrassing part is that we weren’t even trying our best! The event occurred in the blink of an eye. I refuse to acknowledge that it might possibly be real.

She Wanted To Capture The Raw Reaction Of Adam

Tayah revealed that she had the purpose of filming Adam’s reaction to the positive pregnancy test, but Adam interrupted her just after she had finished the test. Tayah stated that she had the intention of capturing Adam’s reaction to the positive pregnancy test. They chose to have some alone time with one another instead, which turned out to be for the best given that Adam needed to “double-check” that he had correctly read the test.

According to Tayah, the test was a Clearblue, and as a result, the result showed that the subject was pregnant. After that, Adam questioned, “So, what does this all mean?” Following that, I questioned, “What are your thoughts? It says pregnant!’ It was a fantastic reception all the way around.

The couple has revealed that they both “tear up” when they got the news, and Tayah has added that they are “extremely delighted it’s occurred since we both mentioned we wanted to be young parents.” The couple has also stated that they are “really excited” about the news.

adam and tayah

Additionally, Tayah and Adam have remained in contact with a number of their co-stars, all of whom have expressed their delight upon hearing the news.

We have also let Bob Voysey in on the secret, and Matt Jameson has already figured it out! Adam said.

When Did The Reveal Happen All Of A Sudden

It was Matt’s birthday celebration, and he had been drinking quite a bit during the day. As soon as he observed that Tayah wasn’t drinking, he asked her in a very direct manner, “Oh my God, are you pregnant?”

Tayah answered in the affirmative. And none one of us so much as whispered a word to the other! We were utterly speechless; we did not know what to say. Because of this, Matt and Dan [McKee] in addition to Morag [Crichton] are aware of it.

Tayah Christophers purposefully notified Amy Christophers before the news was made public because she wanted to provide her with a “heads-up.” Amy Christophers had previously been affected by the loss of twins, and Tayah’s intention was to provide her with a “heads-up.”

“I wanted to tell Amy because I know she’s been through things that I’ve been through, and I know what it’s like when you hear a pregnancy announcement, and how frustrating it can be. I wanted to tell Amy because I know she’s been through things that I’ve been through.

I also wanted to tell Amy because I am aware that she has experienced similar circumstances to those that I have experienced. As a result, I believed that it was vital to caution her,” Tayah explained.

Tayah Was Quite Apprehensive About Her Birth

Tayah’s previous pregnancy ended in a stillbirth, so she was understandably apprehensive when she found out she was pregnant again. She characterised the experience as being “nerve-wracking.”

She continued by explaining that she was experiencing a mixture of nerves and excitement at the same time: When you have previously experienced a miscarriage and then find out that you are pregnant again so soon after, it is understandably nerve-wracking, and you feel anxious as a direct result of this. It is possible to become overpowered by these emotions when you are experiencing them.

adam and tayah

Adam popped the question to Tayah during the episode in which their parents renewed their vows, and the couple had planned to tie the knot (officially) this year on the occasion of the anniversary of their parents’ marriage.

How Many Years Have Their Parents Be Married

Adam and Tayah’s parents had been married for thirty years. The couple has made the decision to delay exchanging their vows until the following year in order to prepare for the arrival of their new little bundle of joy.

Tayah remarked that she thought it was “so great” that the infant would soon be able to take part in some of the events of the day. To our great good fortune, we won’t have to throw out any of the concepts; rather, we’ll only have to start over from the very beginning.”

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