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About Kono Subarashii: Release Date and Plot


David Mudd

kono subarashii season 3

You love anime, right? That is why you are here to know all about the “Kono Subarashii season 3” to make yourself believe that it’s happening.

If you are a true fan of this series, then you must know who said this quote?

“If I’m going to a world where magic exists, I absolutely have to try it out!” 

Tell me in the comment section, and let’s see who all knows it well.

Unlike familiar anime series, this one is quite different with a comedy blend in it. Watching the seasons of Kono Subarashii till the end is a dose of laughter for you. 

Kono Subarashi was published on Netflix with the name of Kono Suba! So if you are searching for a series on Netflix with the name of Kono Subarashii, you will get “Kono Suba”, but don’t get confused because it is one series. 

I know you would thank me for telling you this and clearing out your confusion. 

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About Kono Subarashii: Plot

The series centres around Kazuma Sato, who dies because of a heart attack after he saved the girl from getting crushed under the truck (it was actually not a truck, but it was a tractor)

You are now thinking that if the protagonist dies in the starting what is there in 2 seasons of this show, right?

You have the right question in mind, for which you will get the answer below…

This is just the start of the show, because it revolves around the adventure of Kazuma Sato, who, after death, is sent to an RPG- World.

This series has a unique storyline where after death Kazuma Sato meets Goddess Aqua. He is supposed to battle with the demon king, but it doesn’t seem so easy. The reason behind it is the members of his team: Absent-minded Aqua, Megumin, who is an explosion obsessed magician, and lastly is approached by Darkness, who is a shady crusader.

All 4 members have the individual ability, which helps them fight against the demon king. Although Darkness carries out odd behaviour that annoys Kazuma Sato, she demonstrated her ability to withstand the enemy’s attacks in the middle of the battle.

With each episode, there is so much happening in there that keeps you attached to the series till the end. You will agree with me that not many seasons or movies have the power to retain the viewer till the end. 

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kono subarashii season 3

Will Kono Suba have season 3?

But the magic of this series does not end till season 2, because the viewers are so deeply engrossed in this series that they wait for season 3 eagerly. 

You are one of them, right? Who is waiting for some news about Kono Subarashii season 3? If yes, then the updates are given below, read it with all your focus? 

You will not be happy to know that till now, there is no official news on whether we will get Kono Subarashii season 3 or not. 

But as going with the rumours that are in the air regarding, can the fans of Kono Subarashii expect season 3 or not? There are many speculations.

Noticing the incomplete ending, we can guess that season 3 will surely be there, but when will it be out is it a BIG QUESTION MARK??

Neither the writer nor the studio has said anything on season 3, leaving the fans with space to just guess and reply to the rumours all around. 

But it’s not the end, here is a piece of happy news for you:

In a Reddit AMA discussion, Junichiro Tamura, business producer for anime at KADOKAWA, who has published KonoSuba and a much more incredible series, gave us some clues to living by. In response to a question asked about the Kono Subarashii Season 3, he said “The season 3 of this series has a good chance to come out” further he expressed that the decision-making process for this season depends on the popularity of the show”

kono subarashii season 3

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Wrapping Up

So from what Junichiro Tamura expressed about Kono Subarashii, we can have a sweet sleep at night thinking of season 3, But we still have to wait for the release date of season 3.

But what to do till then?

You have a lot to do actually, just check out the website and read updated information about the anime series that you like. 

Go check it now, and don’t forget to comment on the person who said the quote mentioned at the starting of the article.