A Trendsetter’s Guide to Fashionable Hiking Gear


Mohit Kamboj

Hiking has grown exponentially in popularity in the last 2 years due to COVID regulations. The outdoors has been the only place where we can go and not only drink in beautiful scenery and exercise but still be somewhat safe, keeping social distancing rules in mind. It has always been a popular activity, and the several apps being created to help avid hikers explore new trails and places are evidence. Breathing in fresh air and the only sounds being the rustling trees and grass can help calm your mind. We highly recommend it.

As with every other activity in the world, hiking has gear or clothing that helps you look good while doing it. No more does it have to be drab or boring in its color – hiking gear has become more fashionable. Several stores have had to adjust to new market demands in the clothing items they provide to cater to the fashionista who likes to hike, and we are here for it! For example, whether you are new to hiking or a veteran hiker, you know boots make or break the hike.

Suppose you are hiking in a place where there is a lot of water or will be hiking early in the morning or even while it rains. In that case, you will need waterproof hiking boots like the Kodiak waterproof safety hiker, which is currently on special in the Mark’s Work Warehouse flyer.

This boot is not only sturdy, offering comfort and support to your feet and ankles, but it is trendy too. It will pair well with leggings or biker shorts and a crop top. That’s a new trend.

If you are a beginner wanting to hike for the first time, this article will help you pick the right fashionable attire to add some pizazz to your hike. Let’s get to it!

The bike shorts – On a hot day

This clothing item was popular in the ’80s, made out of spandex and in really bright colors. The bike shorts have made a nice comeback in regular streetwear and as a great option in breathable fabrics for hiking and other forms of exercise. The bike shorts can be matched with a vest, tank top, crop top or tee, all depending on your fashion persona. They also come in different prints or solid colors, also depending on your taste. Remember to wear sunscreen if you will be hiking during the day, as the bike shorts don’t offer a lot of coverage for your legs.

The leggings – On a cool day

Like the bike shorts, the leggings are another cool (temperature and fashion-wise) option for hiking clothes. The beauty with leggings is that you can choose different styles and prints which really speak to your character. They are perfect for a day when you need to cover up in not-so-hot clothing for a not-so-hot, but not cold day. Leggings can be paired with light windbreakers, a cool long-sleeved tee or even a long-sleeved crop top. Throw on a pair of trendy sneakers and socks; then you’re good to go! Another plus with leggings is that there are so many varieties to choose from; some even come with pockets now so your hands can be free as you hike, and you don’t have to carry extra stuff to put your phone or other stuff in.

The Windbreaker – For a mildly chilly day

A windbreaker is a practical article of clothing to have as a hiker, but practical doesn’t have to be boring. They are usually made of fabrics that work for transitional weather so

that you don’t get cold or too hot if the weather should change. It is perfect for a nippy or windy but not cold day. An oversized windbreaker may look cute paired with some leggings or bike shorts if you’re brave, or you could go for a crop one still with leggings. They come in different colors and styles; even fabric choices may vary depending on your preference. You are spoilt for choice here, and you can absolutely keep it cute despite the weather!

The Sweats – For a cold day

This is another practical outfit that has undoubtedly seen interesting levels of rejuvenation season after season. The ’90s sweats look recently came back into fashion with the bright colors and quirky choice of fabric, so why not translate that into warm hiking gear? There are sweats that are available in stores that are correctly insulated for cold days and others that would work paired with a polo-neck, for example. What matters is your choice of sweats and their practicality for your hike. Go for a color or pattern that best personifies you and fabrics that will keep you warm without eventually making you uncomfortable at the end of your hike.

Finally, remember that when it comes to hiking shoes, fit is everything. A comfortable shoe will make for a more fun hike, even if it is a pair of stylish sneakers.