A Study Finds That Overprotective Parenting Kills Children’s Exercise



In this contemporary era dominated by screens, video games, and digital devices, Masses are curious to know everything. Still, today’s parents often struggle with the challenge of encouraging their children to be more physically active.

There is a new study stated recently through the heavy research done by researchers and psychologists on the basis of the detrimental effects of overprotective parenting on children’s exercise levels. Without wasting any time let’s dive into the scenarios and discover all the intricacies which have to be faced by the child in view of the behavior of their parents.

A Deep Dive Into the Study

The recent study conducted by the researchers has shed new light on the habits of taking risks by the children of elementary school while learning or playing anything can have a positive impact in the view of fact that this will lead to mental exercise which enhances the power of cognitive thinking as well as infinite intelligence.

Overprotective Parenting

Hence, this will boost their power of critical thinking which makes them different and unique from every other student. The study was published in the Journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise Which explored the relationship between parental attitudes about risk and injury and their children’s moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and “daily adventurous play.”

The survey has been conducted in which 645 parents of children 5 to 12 years old have completed an online survey regarding the risk and injury and their kids’ physical activity. As a consequence of the survey, 78% of the parents had a low tolerance for the risk. Before proceeding further, Check out one more study on the Internet Addiction Spectrum!

However, in that 78% group, the child’s moderate to vigorous physical activities are ultimately low. The children would have at least an MVPA of 60 minutes every day. Meanwhile, the rest of the parent’s group had a high tolerance for risk-taking for their children as a result they saw positive outcomes in their children making sensational decision-making skills.

Alethea Jerebine who is the lead study author from Coventry University explained the study by passing her statements that is

“It’s understandable that parents want to protect their children. But the balance can tip too far,”

Whereas, mothers are more concerned about their child’s injury than their father. Parents can understand and feel positive about their children’s engagement with factors associated with risk in physical activities. In that survey, there is the majority of females which is 81%, the average age of children was 8.6 years.

Overprotective Parenting

The authors of the study officially write that

“Parents need support to provide opportunities for their children to engage with risk in their play because this play has the potential to improve levels of MVPA in addition to other known benefits such as skill development and mental wellbeing,”

It is highly recommended that mothers maintain a balance between their children’s injury concerns in the view of desire to enhance their children’s confidence, independence, resilience, and risk management skills. Be Engaged in reading about an interesting fact Yelling at Children May be Equal to Sexual or Physical Abuse!


In the Crux, Through navigating the challenges of modern parenting it is essential to focus on children’s emotional, mental as well and physical growth by providing an environment for them to be active, curious, and resilient individuals.

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