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‘A Quiet Place’ Writers And Sam Raimi Team Up To Write A New Original Sci-Fi Thriller


David Mudd

Sam Raimi teams with A Quiet Place writers on a new sci-fi thriller

A Quiet Place

For all those who have no clue about ‘A Quiet Place’, well, it was a 2018 American sci-fi horror movie.

It was written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck and was critically and economically well receive.

The diligent writers are now teaming up with Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider-Man trilogy.

They are apparently working on a new script!

Imagine the ‘Evil Dead’ series writer and “A Quiet Place’ writers coming together for a project.

Boy, next year is going to be one hell of a time! I mean, do you even remember how bang on, ‘A Quiet Place’ was?

It wasn’t at all like the usual horror stories release every now and then.

The fact that the theatre was dead silent including me for we were dying to figure out what happens in the next scene, is a real example of how enthralling the movie was.

A Quiet Place

Sam’s Broadcast

Sam Raimi recently spoke about his entire production crew being utterly proud to be teaming up with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

Ah, so are we, Sam. So are we.

They technically came together for a short movie to be air on the recently launch ‘Quibi’.

Talking of which, Raimi said how the two writers had exceeded every expectation he had, and how confident the whole of Raimi Production is about their story.

He went on to say how stupendous this project is going to be and how excited he is to be working with his partners at Sony Pictures, again.

What The Duo Had To Say

Bryan Woods and Scott Beck said that after releasing ‘A Quiet Place, they just knew that they had to contribute to the world of originality and real ideas.

They went on to say how proud they are to be connecting with a studio which believes in a theatrical landscape.

Complimenting Sam Raimi, the duo said how he’s not only one of the heroes but also one of the only filmmakers who have been successful in mastering both independent film and studio blockbuster.

A Quiet Place

Well, anything regarding the plot or the title hasn’t been broadcast as of now.

But we’re hoping against hope, we get to see their magic sometime next year?

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