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A Quiet Place II: You Can Now Watch Part 1 In Theatres Before The Big Premier


David Mudd

A Quiet Place is one of the most popular movies in the horror genre. It gives a fresh look to the dystopian-horror theme like Birdbox. A quiet Place part II is also coming to the theatres soon. If you do not know what the movie is about and want to watch the first part before the sequel, then here is how you can do it.

A Quiet Place Plot

The movie follows the story of the Abbott family who finds themselves stuck in a world with mysterious and dangerous creatures. These creatures are sensitive to sound and hence put the family in trouble as they try to survive in the new post-apocalyptic world.

The Sequel: John Krasinski Is Coming Back?

With John Krasinski back writing and directing, the new movie will probably be as complex and thorough as its prequel. However, Krasinski also appears in the film. Therefore, this is a shock to the fans who thought that Krasinski’s character dies in the first part.

However, Krasinski does offer an explanation for his appearance. According to him, he hadn’t planned on making a sequel for A Quiet Place because the first one was so personal. However, he wanted to “continue with the metaphor and explain how it all began”.

John Krasinski is Blamed By Chris and Emily For Neglecting Their Messages

Therefore, Krasinski’s character Lee Abbott will likely come back in flashbacks throughout the film.

Paramount Releasing Part 1 In The Theatres Again

With the release date for the sequel approaching fast, Paramount Pictures is giving us a chance to view the first movie before the A Quiet Place II comes out. The production company is doing a double feature wherein the audience will be able to experience the first movie in theatres, followed by the second one as well.

Yes, That’s right. Both the first and the second movie will screen a few days before the sequel’s official release. This double feature movie night will be available in Dolby and large scale theatres. Fans will also have the chance of winning a special print poster on that night.

A Quiet Place 2

Release Date Of A Quiet place Part 2

A Quiet Place is going to release on March 20, 2020. Here is the trailer for this horrifying movie.