‘A Quiet Place Day One’ First Reactions: Critics Call It ‘Scary and Raw’


Riya Arya

The new movie ‘A Quiet Place Day One,’ which comes before the original ‘A Quiet Place,’ has just been shown to critics. They have given very positive first reactions. This movie goes back to before the events of the first one. It shows how the scary creatures that hunt by hearing came to be. It also shows how people fight to stay alive in a world where staying quiet is the only way to survive.

Critics like ‘A Quiet Place Day One’ because it keeps a tense and scary feeling throughout. They say it captures the same eerie tension that made the first ‘A Quiet Place’ so good in the horror world. The prequel introduces new characters and expands on the story of how silence became so important for humans surviving in this new, dangerous world.

What Have Critics Said?

The new movie ‘A Quiet Place Day One‘ has just been shown to critics, and they really like it. It’s a prequel to the first ‘A Quiet Place’ movie by John Krasinski. This one goes back in time to show how the scary creatures that hunt by sound first appeared. It also shows how people fight to stay alive in a world where staying quiet means staying safe.

Critics say ‘A Quiet Place Day One’ keeps you on the edge of your seat with its tense atmosphere and non-stop suspense. They think it’s just as eerie and exciting as the first movie. The prequel brings new characters and expands on the spooky world of silent terror that fans loved from the original.

People who watched it say the movie really scares you in a raw and intense way. The scary parts are even scarier, making you feel nervous the whole time. The story is powerful and makes you care about the characters and what they’re going through.

Critics also love the acting, especially from Emily Blunt, who plays Evelyn Abbott again. New actors like Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou also stand out for their strong performances. They add depth to the story and show how people do everything they can to survive.

John Krasinski, who directed the movie, is praised for making it look great and keeping the suspense going strong. The movie uses sound in clever ways to make you feel like you’re right there in the scary world of ‘A Quiet Place.’

Overall, ‘A Quiet Place Day One’ seems like a great new chapter in the series. It’s scary and emotional, with a story that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Fans of the first movie and new viewers alike will likely enjoy it a lot when it comes out. People are excited to see this chilling new movie for themselves. Also read Now, We Are Breaking Up Season 2 Release Date, Masters of Illusion Season 14: Renewed or Cancelled?, and Reborn Rich Season 2.

'A Quiet Place Day One' First Reactions

What Did Fans Say?

Critics and fans really like ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ because of its exciting story and scary atmosphere. Critics say it keeps the tension and suspense that made the first movie great. They like how the prequel shows where the creatures came from and builds on the world of the movies, keeping the fear alive.

Fans are also happy about the new characters and how it explores the world after everything fell apart. They find it thrilling and makes them think. Overall, people’s first reactions show that ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ is meeting expectations and is a good new part of the series. Also read Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2: RENEWED or CANCELLED?, and The Kidnapping Day Season 2.

Where to Watch A Quiet Place: Day One?

If you’re wondering where you can watch ‘A Quiet Place: Day One,’ you’ll be able to stream it on Paramount Plus.

Is A Quiet Place: Day One Worth Watching?

Based on initial reviews and fan reactions, ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ is considered worth watching. It maintains the tense atmosphere and suspense of the original film while expanding on the backstory of the creatures and introducing compelling new characters. If you enjoy suspenseful horror movies with a unique premise, you might find ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ to be a rewarding watch.

'A Quiet Place Day One' First Reactions


In conclusion, ‘A Quiet Place Day One’ has received very positive initial reviews from critics. They praise its ability to maintain tension and suspense, similar to the original film. The prequel effectively explores the origins of its frightening creatures and adds depth to the story of survival in a silent world.

Critics especially appreciate the performances of Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, and Djimon Hounsou, noting their contributions to the gripping storyline. Directed by John Krasinski, the film skillfully uses sound and atmosphere to immerse viewers in its chilling world. Fans are eagerly looking forward to its release, expecting a compelling and intense addition to the ‘A Quiet Place’ series.

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