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A Perfect Pairing: Why Should You Watch This Wonderful Netflix Rom-Com?

A Perfect Pairing

There are numerous things that Netflix is well known for, but my favorites are the light films with a hint of romance! And A Perfect Pairing definitely belongs in that category!

‘A Perfect Pairing’ by filmmaker Stuart McDonald unquestionably goes well with a lovely glass of wine on something like a quiet evening at home. On May 19, 2022, a global Netflix release of the movie was scheduled.

The movie maintains the Netflix brand content template, which is reserved solely for their Christmas movies and is charming, amusing, and moderately rewarding.

This upbeat film features Lola Alvarez portrayed by Victoria Justice, a driven L.A. wine industry executive that leaves her career to pursue her ambition of starting her independent wine company. Although in terms of making this a possibility, she makes the long journey to a small Australian town in an effort to land a significant patron named Vaughn Family Wines.

Obviously, it ends up being much more than she anticipated. She persists in remaining around after being originally rejected in order to show herself by helping out over the family’s sheep farm. She develops a bond with the reserved guide but also station manager, Max, portrayed by Adam Demos, throughout her stay.

Let’s review why it sounds unique compared to other rom-com.

A Straightforward but Wonderful Tale!

The viewers will be grateful to DP Ben Nott again for the beefcake display as the screenwriters Elizabeth Hackett, as well as Hilary Galanoy, walk a delicate balance between hitting the female gaze through glossy visuals of the sweating, shirtless guy and creating a unique romance for the viewer.

They managed to give their protagonist enough internal conflict to overcome, though. Since Lola is portrayed as competent from the outset and rarely loses sight of her objectives, she does go through significant internal development.

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The transformation is barely noticeable when she experiences an unavoidable realization of her extraordinary chance despite a slight setback, making her contributions matter rather than merely going through the procedures. Max also has a complete journey, but one that is solely fueled by Lola’s presence, which helps to motivate him to change things for the better.

Strong Characterization!

The Movie appears to be delicate, with personalities that mesh well and make the colors shine on screen, letting us taste and relish each frame like a fine wine. In addition to our main protagonists, Luca Sardelis, Samantha Cain, Craig Horner, Antonio Alvarez, and Lucy Durack make up the supporting cast.

We observe a driven woman navigating the vineyards as well as farm life to inspire us to pursue our goals with tenacity and to seize any opportunity that presents itself. Even if life might be difficult at times, there is still hope on the horizon of the darkness, as the movies gracefully demonstrate.

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Anyone will like the amusing tale, the wine, and the sheep, and Lola’s enthusiasm as a major character is charming, however, when combined with Max’s journey, it just feels right!

A Great Watch for the Weekend!

With a wonderfully uncomfortable meet-cute as well as beautiful moments, this rom-com complies with the rules of the genre to a point. It’s also enjoyable to hear Demos’ Australian accent, while Justice harnesses her innermost Tori Vega to play the endearing aspiring businesswoman.

With its warm small-town atmosphere and breathtaking Australian setting, this film truly epitomizes leisure. Wine lovers will particularly like Lola and Max’s romantic excursion to the winery, which includes a pleasant little tour of the gorgeous wine cellar of the family.

But despite the setting and the creative wordplay in the movie’s title, Lola and Max truly seem ‘perfect’ for each other.

Justice establishes herself as a likable rom-com protagonist by pulling off hilarious pratfalls and pathos with relative ease thanks to Lola’s brief experience as little more than a fish out of water.

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She offers it everything she’s got, creating chemistry not only through its human co-stars but also with the sheep which her protagonist is trying to save. While this is going on, there is a natural, carefree flow between Lola and Max, someone whose portrayal draws us further into his character’s dilemma with sincerity and tenderness.

Trailer of A Perfect Pairing

The trailer talks about the romance of a confident lady who finds love as well as meaning in Australia and gives delicious amusement while appealing to our most pure instincts, offering a break from our hectic reality.


Who directed A Perfect Pairing?

The movie was directed by Stuart McDonald.

Where did the movie was filmed?

The movie was shot in Queensland, Australia.

What company produced the movie?

The movie was produced by Hoodlum Entertainment in collaboration with Screen Australia.


The movie achieves the ideal balance between a strong female part and the sweetly romantic “sheep” moments. The movie appeases and coddles us while continuing to show us the advantages of some professional and personal disturbances in life, which is a cornerstone optimistic attitude unique to the genre that is neither violated nor really advanced in this instance. Yes, just perfect!

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