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A Mystery Thriller Perdida Netflix Release


David Mudd

Longing for Perdida, aka Stolen Away, then you have made it to the right place on the internet. Stolen Away is the most awaited show for its audience. Since its release, people are talking about just how good it is.

Well, the showrunners have made a fascinating show with different styles of storytelling and whatnot. Let us dive into it.

Perdida is a Natxo López, Ruth García and David Oliva’s creation.

Stolen Away is a Spanish show. Stolen Away is called Perdida in Spain and Portugal. This show was pre-launched in Latin American countries like Spain and Portugal. In Latin America, it premiered on January 10, 2020, and later worldwide.

This story is of a man whose daughter is missing. The kidnapping of the daughter has forced the man to go on a search. On this search of his kidnapped daughter, our protagonist set off a chain of events. These events are affecting scores of people, which gets him into trouble.

The trouble he gets into has different effects on him as well, and he finally ends up in some jail in Colombia.


The pre-premier of the show took place on two different popular streaming platforms in Latin America. It rolled out on January 10, 2020, on a streaming platform called Atresplayer Premium. The series also got released on another streaming service called Antena 3 on January 14, 2020.

When Is Perdida Releasing?

Perdida was pre-launched on 10 January 2020 via a streaming platform in Spain.

Later this show was adopted by Netflix and was released worldwide. It was released on Netflix on October 23, 2020, for a worldwide premiere.

What Is the Plot of Perdida?


There is an Argentinian film which is also Perdida, so when Netflix

launched the show, it premiered under the name of Stolen Away. It made sense to do so as Perdida means lost in Spanish. It will remove the confusion among the subscribers and also a good idea for the show.

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Perdida is a Spanish crime drama about a man whose daughter is missing.

The name of this man is Antonio Santos, played by Daniel Grao.

Antonio is in a hotel room in Bogota, Colombia. He gets out of bed and gulps a large number of capsules with some white powder in them.

Later in the episode, he is found in an airport getting through customs.

He looks nervous and carrying low body language; he is switching security lines.

The capsule he had turned out to be cocaine which got him caught and eventually ended in jail. When Antonio was getting arrested, we can see a strange satisfaction on his face.


The reason for the satisfaction on Antonio’s face was due to the reason that he did that on purpose. He wanted him to get arrested so that he could find the person who kidnapped his daughter. Antonio ends up in a maximum-security prison and finds himself in a very draconian and hostile environment.

This show will remind you about the shows where a person deliberately gets into trouble to seek revenge. But the reason for getting into trouble is different for every protagonist.

What Is the Cast of Perdida?

The cast of Perdida is Spanish. There all are very well-known faces in the Spanish Entertainment Industry.

  • Daniel Garo plays Antonio Santos
  • Carolina Lapausa plays Inma Rodríguez Colomer
  • Juan Messier plays Cruz Alfonso Ochoa
  • David Trejos plays Ignacio
  • Flaco Solórzano in as Norberto Quitombo
  • Melani Olivares for Eva Aguirre
  • Ana María Orozco plays Milena Jiménez Mendoza

Trailer of Perdida

There is no English trailer for Perdida available on Youtube or anywhere.


But you can watch a Spanish trailer on Youtube.

Click here to watch it.

Where Can You Watch Perdida?

Currently, Perdida is available on Netflix for streaming with different languages and subtitles, including English.

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Click here to watch it on Netflix.


Perdida is a people’s favorite, and its rating is quite evident of it.

Still, many rating platforms like Rotten Tomatoes have not rated the show because it is a very new show.

IMDB rated it 7.1 out of 10 and, Film Affinity rated it for 5.8 out of 10.

Can we expect a Season 2 of Perdida?

There is no official announcement for Season 2 of Perdida Netflix.

Season 1 of Home Games premiered on 10th January 2020 in Spain and other Latin American countries. So it would be pretty early for the showrunners to announce a second chapter of the show.


The story was Perdida was quite entertaining and was fun to watch.

But if the production team of Perdida decides to go ahead with its renewal, we can expect Season 2 in 2023.


Perdida is a story whose narration takes place through flashbacks. This type of chronological storytelling is tough to execute. But the showrunners of Perdida are quite phenomenal at their jobs.

The narration is at par with its cinematography. The cast is also very fantastic and, it is pretty tough to find errors in the show.

So we highly recommend it.