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A Mother’s Choice Tytyana Miller: Who Was She and How Could She Pass Away?

Tytyana Miller of ‘A Mother’s Choice’ Was the Daughter of Master P!

Tytyana, the daughter of Master P and Sonya C, was thrust into the spotlight at a young age and appeared as a cameo actress in various movies, including Carnetta Jones’ 2010 film A Mother’s Choice. Miller also demonstrated on Instagram, much of the time appearing in picture sessions for clothing companies and beauty companies like LaQuan Smith.

She most famously participated in the WE television series Growing Up Hip Bounce with her father and her sibling Romeo Miller, 32.

Miller kept her private affairs out of the public eye. She once appeared in the 2010 film Mother’s Choice, composed and coordinated via Carnetta Jones and Alicia Anderson. According to reports, she had moved in with her father after her parents separated in 2014.

She escaped her mother’s home when her parents separated to accompany her father, and they have been living respectively from that point forward. She admitted that she was addicted to drugs and had trouble stopping them while making an appearance on the reality series Growing Up Hip Jump in 2016. She said that she started using drugs as a result of her parent’s separation.

a mother's choice tytyana miller

Which Factor Added to Tytyana’s Demise?

While discussing his daughter’s battle with addiction, Master P posted a contacting homage to her on Instagram. In his letter, he stated that his family was encountering “crushing sadness” over the death of Tytyana. For our family to lament, we unassumingly ask for some privacy. We value the affection, prayers, and support that have been sent.

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“We can’t be hesitant to talk about mental illness and substance misuse because these are serious issues. #MyAngel.” Romeo, her sibling, said on social media that Tytyana’s passing had left the family’s members “suffering with an enormous sadness.”

Sonya C, Who Is Tytyana’s Mother?

Rapper Sonya C frequently alluded to as Sonya Miller, is a woman from Richmond, California. Her most notable job is that of Master P’s ex. According to reports, the pair was married in 1989 and had seven kids together, including Tatyana.

At the point when Sonya C sought legal separation in 2013, it garnered media attention and prompted a supposed acrimonious argument about financial resources. Notwithstanding, Master P claims that the couple came to a private agreement in 2016 and that no case was at any point formally documented in court.

a mother's choice tytyana miller

The musician and maker posted a note on Instagram saying, “Our family is struggling with an enormous sadness for the loss of my daughter Tytyana.

We considerately ask for some space so that our family can lament. We are grateful for all of the prayers, love, and support. We shouldn’t be hesitant to talk about the genuine issue of mental illness and medication misuse. We can defeat this with God’s assistance. #MyAngel.”

Romeo Miller, Tytyana’s sibling, likewise expressed his distress through a piece.

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The rapper made a guarantee to the cause soon after Tytyana’s passing, promising to do his part to aid individuals out of luck, particularly the parents of kids who are drug addicts. discussing how he will work in the field of substance abuse.

What Was Tytyana Miller’s Cause of Death?

Popular rapper Master P has finally opened up and affirmed what prompted his daughter’s inconvenient demise. Tytyana Miler, who was brought into the world in 1993, passed away on May 28, 2022. She was known for her film, A Mother’s Choice.

Talking to news program CBS Mornings, the rapper revealed how his young daughter Tytyana Miller passed on because of a medication overdose. He also gave a message about how he is presently working to spread awareness on mental illness and substance abuse.

a mother's choice tytyana miller

Master P Opens Up About His Battle With Substance Abuse

Tytyana, Master P’s young daughter who kicked the bucket at the young age of 29 was severely addicted to drugs, and an overdose of the same took her life. Battling for nearly a decade, she finally lost the battle to an accidental overdose in May 2022.

Speaking about her demise, the Rock It rapper said:

“It’s hard. Coming from neediness, you would think that you would outlast your kids and that was the mission. I want to go, to my daughter’s funeral, I went to my own funeral.”

Tytyana, was an actress by profession and was one of Master P’s eight youngsters. Describing it as the “worst call a parent could get,” the rapper said that his one of his daughters broke the news of Tytyana passing away.

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Talking about how she was also placed in rehab, and how she attempted consistently to be doing great, the rapper revealed that the 29-year old was also composing a book. He also said that she was getting better continuously, and that she was a happy woman who knew that she could improve tomorrow.

a mother's choice tytyana miller

Master P Vows To Help Other People After Tytyana’s Demise

Soon after Tytyana’s death, the rapper swore to work for the cause so that he could assist those out of luck, including parents of the kids who are addicted to drugs. Talking about how he will work in the substance abuse area, the rapper said:

“My sympathies go out to every individual who lost a kid. I said, ‘I’m gonna transform my pain into passion and I’m gonna transform it into a purpose because I can’t get my daughter back.’

I love her and think about her consistently, and it took all of us to go through something that I just can’t stop thinking about however I realize that I have to get over here and help and save different kids.”

Sharing advice to different parents, he said that one should just talk about it and not hold it a secret because the issue is real.

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