A Madea Homecoming: Tyler Perry Is Back With Entertaining Excitement and His Most Iconic Appearance!


David Mudd

In Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, Madea is back and she’s not gonna put up with any bullshit when family drama breaks out at her great-college grandson’s graduation ceremony.

A Madea Homecoming is indeed the twelfth film. On Friday, February 25, 2022, Netflix started streaming Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, which comes under the Madea film series, which was launched back in 2005. Tyler Perry, who also serves as the film’s star, director, and writer, is brushing off the old lady costume for the film.

A pothead grandmother with a murky history who takes delight in living outside the rules, Madea is indeed an outlaw throughout her old-school style, dressed in garish floral outfits and grey hair. She has a room full of orders as a result of disobeying issues like fines and court orders. She also has stories about working the pole with a little gun, and here’s why you must watch it.

An Entertaining Premise!

A Madea Homecoming

Homecoming includes yet again another get-together for the feisty old matriarch renowned as Madea as well as her family, who also are coming together to commemorate Madea’s great-grandson Tim’s graduation ceremony. Perry has experimented with R-rated films before, but “A Madea Homecoming” is the first Madea film to receive that rating.

A number of renowned Madea Universe cast, including Gabrielle Dennis, Brandon Black, and Isha Blaaker, as well as Tamela Mann as Cora, David Mann as Mr. Brown, Cassi Davis as Aunt Bam, plus our favorite Tyler Perry, who doubles as Joe, will attend the family party. Special guest Brendan O’Carroll, who portrays Madea’s hilarious rival Agnes Brown, joins the team.

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The comedy in the film will make viewers laugh out loud for a long time. When old folks publicly razz each other with the rapid as well as furious burn-this-or-I’ll-burn-you pleasure of comedic actors on dirty-minded overload, it gives you a funny whiplash of irony. However, the younger generation seems to lack humor because they are so preoccupied with their exaggerated problems.

We anticipate a commotion when Tim reveals to his family that he really is gay, and most of them like Joe have it figured out already.

They have no problem loving Tim just the way he is. Tim’s issue seems to be that his companion, Davi, is in love with someone else. Someone who resides nearby. It’s slightly absurd, slightly dirty, and slightly crazy. However, it is the ideal Madea Homecoming.

Madea being Madea!

A Madea Homecoming

The personality of Madea is now considered to be a legend. Whenever we see Perry work with Brendan O’Carroll, the actor of the BBC sitcomMrs. Brown’s Boys,” who tends to play Mrs. Brown here and also happens to be Davi’s Irish great-aunt, she comes off as a less hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire who uses the word “Fookin'” just frequently enough then to make us happy she’s there and make the whole Madea aura even funnier.

Just seeing how much everyone enjoys Madea’s secret stash of candy, which are “chocolates with a marijuana center“—yeah, I know! Even for a brief moment, this transforms the film into something like a stoned comedy.

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In the film A Madea Homecoming, Tyler Perry has done something that really is trickier to pull off than what it looks, he keeps various characters exploding as if he’d been wrestling their personalities.

Tyler Perry might be a clumsy movie storyteller, but seeing  Madea, Uncle Joe, as well as Aunt Bam having elements of the Marx Brothers and gangster culture was worth a watch. And Madea has become everlasting in her stuffy old style. Perry absorbs her rather than merely acting like her. We do, in fact, adore Madea, but this film also brought other characters to life.

The Finest of Tyler Perry!

A Madea Homecoming

Fans received a Madea who was highly relevant as well as continues to give at full vigor. Tyler  Perry is putting over one of the best self-directed efforts, whether he’s riffing off his recurring cast or trading jabs with fellow drag comedian O’Carroll.

Whereas LGBTQ characters have previously been the target of jokes, A Madea Homecoming felt more sympathetic since the whole coming-out is done here with delicacy and tenderness.

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Even just the bad actors who cheat aren’t doomed to endure as they could have in prior works by this director after receiving the obligatory words from Madea. More deftly than it does in the past, Perry’s narrative skillfully incorporates current events and social satire, making this feel like his cinematically strongest work.

Trailer of A Madea Homecoming!

We Madea fans equally appreciate it when you just have that expression of confusion on your face instead of laughing, and this trailer will surely provide those big Madea laughs.


What is the IMBD rating of A Madea Homecoming?

The IMBD rating of the movie is 5.6/10.

How many roles does Tyler Perry play in the movie?

Tyler Perry plays 2 roles in the movie, first for Madea and second for Joe Simmons.

Is the movie good for children?

No, the movie is not for children as the movie is R-rated.


This is indeed a film that feels and looks like a film instead of small entertainment, in contrast to more recent works like “Boo 2” and “A Fall From Grace,” which had flat shooting and abrupt movements. Even the comically extravagant concluding titles, which give the title a dual meaning, demonstrates Perry’s newfound appreciation of cinematic risk. They’re the film’s must-see epilogue and might very well be his greatest work to date.

So, yes it is worth watching if you are a Madea universe fan.