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A Leap of 16 Years, NFL Is Now Gearing Up With 2K Again To Make A Football Video Game

After a huge gap of 16 years, 2K has re-entered a partnership with the NFL to form a produce a non-simulation based NFL video game fuelling the excitement of the followers of the sport. In their last stint as partners, they had come up with NFL 2K5 in 2004 after which the rights were sold off to 2K’s parent company Take-Two in 2005. The major focus of the latter has been on NHL, WWE and NBA based games.

Project Underway

The status of the development of the game as of now is announced as being in an early development stage. It is uncertain which 2K studio will be working on the franchise. However, the release is expected by next year.

The Bigger Picture

One of the leading factors that led to the production of the game is the intent to expand the fanbase of the game and consolidating a stronger global presence. NFL despite being a big name in the sports business is no doubt lagging when it comes to popularity when compared to other major sports. This step by the franchise is an effort to fill this void and attract a larger number of devoted followers of the game.

Does This Mean A Feud With EA?

EA has been dealing with the production of NFL games which are simulation-based and with the presence of 2K’s non-simulation based game from the coming year certainly raises questions about how they will be able to coexist. But it is reasonable to consider the fact that both the games are catering to different types of the platform when we consider the factor of simulation. So it will not be wrong to assume that both of them will be having a non-competitive coexistence keeping in mind the varying nature of the platforms.

This is what the president of 2K David Ismailer had to say
“We’re thrilled to be back in business with the NFL in a partnership that will span multiple video games centred on fun, approachable, and social experiences,”

The world of gaming has been used by a lot of leading sports organization in an attempt to popularize their sport and now the NFL has taken an extra measure to ensure their future growth and the expansion of their reach in the globe. It will be interesting to see what this brings for the NFL after the release of the game in the
coming year. Maybe this could be the missing link that will lead to a rise in the popularity of the sport.

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