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A Discovery Of Witches Season 2: Release Date, Confirmed Cast, Every Detail You Need To Know


David Mudd

A Discovery Of Witches: The British TV series premiered on Sky One has gained a massive fan following across the world. But will the show return for a second season? Read all about it here.

A Discovery Of Witches

A Discovery Of Witches is a fantasy drama TV series of Britain.

The show draws adaptation from the novels of Deborah Harkness. Harkness’s trilogy, All Souls, comprises of:

  1. A Discovery Of Witch
  2. Shadow of Night
  3. The Book Of Life

Apparently, the first season of the show takes the title of the first book of the trilogy.

A Discovery Of Witches

A Discovery Of Witches premiered on Sky One on September 14th, 2018. The first season consisted of eight episodes.

Watch the trailer of the show here.

Plot Of The Show

A Discovery Of Witches is the story of Diana Bishop. Bishop is a Historian. She is also a witch who wants to leave that part of her life behind and lead a normal life.

But leaving behind the witch-life is easier said than done. In the library of Oxford, she comes across a bewitched manuscript. The manuscript forces her to return to her origins.

On her journey to uncover the mysteries of the book, Diana meets Matthew Clairmont. Matthew is a Geneticist who also happens to be a vampire. Although vampires and witches have a history of hostility, the two of them are drawn to each other.

A Discovery Of Witches

Together they venture to save their kind from impending doom.

Season 2 Of A Discovery Of Witches

A month after the release of the first season of A Discovery Of Witches, Sky One renewed the show for two more seasons. Each season will be based on the second and third novel, respectively.

For more details of the upcoming season, read this.

Release Date

We are certain that the second and third seasons are happening. However, we know little else. The second season was rumoured to release by the end of 2020. But without a confirmed date, it’s difficult to be certain.

A Discovery Of Witches


Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode will return for a second season to resume their roles. Along with them, other characters central to the storyline will also return.

A new addition that is confirmed is of Michael Jibson.

For more details on the upcoming show, stay tuned with us.

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