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A Crime To Remember Season 6: When’s The Premiere; Cast, Plot And Details!


David Mudd

Fashions come and go, but murder is never out of style. Do you love watching crime thrillers? They are out to give you a chill down your spine.

The thrills and scenes seem so real that you can really get lost within it as if you yourself have been witnessing the crime. They are a cool choice and depict the evil half of our society.

Well for such fans out there here is a suspense thrilling crime show that is based on true events! You will enjoy it all! It is amazing.

“Alice Crimmins is accused of murdering her children in 1965 to maintain a swinging lifestyle, 40+ years before Casey Anthony.” Remember that? That’s from A Crime To Remember Season 1- Episode 1!

Having succeeded with 5 seasons in a row A Crime To Remember is now set for the 6th season launch as expected.

A Crime To Remember


About A Crime To Remember

A Crime To Remember depicts some of history’s most enthralling murders, when secrets festered, passions ran high, and cops had nothing but shoe-leather and gut instinct to apprehend a criminal.

In this series, real-life murder cases from the 1950s and 1960s are given a sleek, cinematic treatment, bringing viewers back to a time before forensics, when it was often more about how suspects looked than what they did that established guilt.

This series is actually an American documentary television series that premiered in 2013 by the original network Investigation Discovery while XCON Production is the production company.

What Is The Story Set Of A Crime To Remember?

A Crime To Remember

The best series in crime, A Crime To Remember has been filmed as a mini-movie documentary and edited as a motion picture. That is going to be true where you get the opportunity to listen from the victim and the survivor of the crime as well as from the case in the status.

So, there are going to be amazingly many wonderful stories that are based on true life events. This series of crime genres have the pain and suffering of people actually faced in real life.

Also, the episodes feature crime experts and authors, and even journalists who give their opinions and views over the notorious crimes mainly based in the American subcontinent.

Who Is In The Cast Of A Crime To Remember?

A Crime To Remember

Christine Connor created this amazing series with a large cast member on the count for different episodes. The actors in this big cast include Marc A. Hermann, Michelle McNamara, John Mirabella, James Zeiss.

While Christine Connor (Season 1-present), Lee Beckett (Season 1-present), Christopher K. Dillon (Seasons 3-4), and John Block (Season 5) are the executive producers.

When Is The Season 6 Premiere Date?

A Crime To Remember

Well, my dear readers and viewers to bring to your knowledge the season 6 have neither been canceled nor announced officially yet.

Season 1 premiered in November 2013 and that continues until the recent past so we expect another season soon in the near future due to the amazing real-life crime stories that the TV show depicts.

How Many Seasons Are There Of A Crime To Remember?

To date, there are 5 successful seasons with overall 38 episodes for A Crime To Remember featuring victims and survivors.

This crime series has covered all the notorious crime stories that you can ever imagine to have caught the attention of the news, media, and public. Most of these if you know have occurred in the late 90s. So you can call it a crime history show where the most dreadful terror of life has been shown.

A Crime To Remember

A Crime To Remember: IMDb

The look back at the famous crime cases from the past has gathered a good amount of attention from IMDb users since its launch in 2013.

Season 1 successfully gathered 8.3 of 10 IMDb ratings from 1.1K user reviews. While the latest Season 5 has gathered a lot of attention with an average of rating 8 for all the episodes as of IMDb.

Here’s the trailer from season 1 that you will surely like!

Where To Stream Online?

You can watch it on Tv on the Investigation Discovery Channel or the online streaming is available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Jio Cinema, and Voot.

For Investigation Discovery the streaming is available offline on the channel and online on the official website.

Is A Crime To Remember A True Event-Based?

A Crime To Remember

Yes, the series features true events especially the United airlines flight 629 Bombing that took place in the year 1955.

The real story behind Capote’s true crime classic, the terror grip of Chicago about brutal ritualistic killings, time bombs, murders, kidnaps, etc., are a few from the bunch of stories that they bring about.

Is This Series Worth A Watch Or Not?

The series is worth a watch. You will find amazing thrills and the most essential component is that these stories are completely based on true happenings. The horrific crime setup and incredibly awesome storytelling by a fictional witness make it more engaging.

You will just enjoy it! The show is just going to nail down every other with the amount of setback and engagement factor it provides compared to others.

A Crime To Remember


The show is very detailed and amazingly presented full of suspense. Just enough to make you addicted to watching it! You will be super excited for the upcoming season 6 if it booms the launch screen.

We will surely let you know more as soon as we possibly bring out the news from the producers. Until then stay tuned with us for more similar updates. And don’t forget to drop your comments below in the comment box.