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A Complete Guide to Acquiring Bitcoins! What Are the Best Ways?


David Mudd

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that works on blockchain technology. It has no physical appearance, but you can use it to make easy payments and transactions. If you are new to bitcoins and don’t know how to buy bitcoins, you can read below to learn some of the best methods to acquire bitcoins.

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Purchase Online

There are different ways to buy bitcoins, but one of the simplest and most common methods is buying them online. There are several online platforms where you can purchase bitcoin with great ease and comfort. Before you choose an online bitcoin exchange for buying bitcoins, you need to set up a bitcoin wallet, as, without it, you won’t be able to acquire bitcoins. There is a wide range of bitcoin wallets available in the market, but you need to pick the best one for storing your bitcoins. Once you set up a bitcoin wallet, you can easily buy or sell bitcoins anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

Online platforms where you can buy bitcoins are known as bitcoin exchanges. There are several online bitcoin exchanges, but you need to do proper research and choose the most reliable and trusted one. You check the payment methods while choosing an exchange to easily make the payment and complete the purchase. You can also check the exchange’s reputation to get a clear idea about its features and make the right decision.

Face-to-face purchase

It is irrefutable that buying bitcoins online is highly convenient, but several risks are involved in it. It is the primary reason that some users prefer buying bitcoins in person, as it allows them to personally keep an eye on the process and ensure that everything goes fine. If you want to buy bitcoins in person, you can attend any of the local bitcoin meetups held in different regions. These are the events in which all bitcoin buyers, as well as sellers, are invited so that they can meet each other and trade bitcoins. It is the perfect place to buy bitcoins in person as you can meet the sellers face to face.

Moreover, there are some online platforms, too, where you can find some bitcoin users who are willing to sell them in person. You can connect with different users and finalized the deal with the one that offers you the best price. These websites allow you to buy bitcoins for cash which is quite convenient for the ones who want to keep the transaction hidden.

Credit cards

Nowadays, online payments have become quite common, and there are several methods that you can use to make online transactions. One of the most popular payment methods is credit cards, as it is easy to use and enables fast-paced online transactions. If you are interested in bitcoins, you can buy them with a credit card also. Most of the online bitcoin exchanges accept credit cards, and all you need to do is a select credit card from the payment options and complete the purchase. One of the top reasons to use a credit card for buying bitcoins is their excellent pace and convenience. But credit card transactions involve several charges, which makes increase your overall cost. If the additional fee does affect you much, a credit card is the best way for you to buy bitcoins.

Bitcoin ATM

One of the unique methods to buy bitcoins is through a bitcoin ATM. You must have visited a bank ATM where you can withdraw cash using your debit card. In the same way, there are bitcoin ATMs being set up in different parts of the world, which you can use to buy bitcoins. These ATMs are machines in which you can deposit cash and purchase bitcoins in return. When you make a purchase with a bitcoin ATM, you get a receipt with a QR code on it. You can simply scan the code and transfer the purchased bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet. There are limited bitcoin ATMs across the world, so you can use a bitcoin ATM locator to check if there is one near you.