A Cheat Sheet for Netflix’s Categories and Their Hidden Codes!



Are you confused about what to watch what to skip or how to find that movie? Then, you are not alone. Many people feel the same, including me. So, I have gathered some info and sorted it down just for you.

Your Netflix feed is always stacked with movies, series, and shows to hit the play button on, but what you want might not always be visible on the screen. So, how to make your search easier so that you can watch exactly what you want?  Well, there’s a shortcut to finding exactly what you want. And I will share with you all the cheat codes and shortcuts to make your viewing experience better.

For all the fans who know exactly what they want to watch, the Category-Code list might be the ultimate stop for you. This treasure chest is filled with classic gems as well as newly released jewels. This is the perfect treat for fans who want to try something entirely new. 

So, without any further delay, let’s explore the hidden world inside the Netflix realm.

Netflix loves collecting and sorting things out. And Netflix performs this tremendous task by compiling movies and shows in categories. There is a category for every movie, show, and series. And every category has a code. 

Category  Codes 
90-Minute Movies  81466194
30-Minute Laughs 81602050
90-Minute Comedies 81466224
90-Minute Family Movies 81466228
90-Minute Thrillers 81466222
Family Movie Night 2013975
Dystopian Futures 2299461

Now you might be thinking about how to use these category codes. Well, it depends on the device you’re streaming Netflix on. The process for access is different for different devices. But before jumping onto that, you need to know more about the genres and their respective codes.

The code and the category universe are not limited. It is ever-expanding. According to Mary Bertone of Netflix’s Curation and Taxonomy team, these codes can be traced back to the days when Netflix was still in its DVD-only phase. As Michael Raphan, a curation strategist at Netflix, tells Tudum that a conversation with a colleague led him to create a collection called Action with a Side of Romance (81647318). The front-runner of this category is The Recruit – a spy adventure with romantic subplots.

Another category for food lovers is the Don’t Watch Hungry (3272152) The title speaks for itself. You’ll find shows like Somebody Feed Phil and Chef’s Table and The Great British Baking Show. If you want to explore the dynamics of friendship, then the category is Chosen Family (81231348). Sex Education, Orange Is The New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and more about friends who are your chosen family.

When the spooky season hits in, categories like Small Town Scares (81496215) find relevance. The Christmas category follows the Halloween category under the name   Twisted Christmas (2300975). For nerds or otherwise, the binge playlist is Cyberpunk (1964512). Get ready for the future with titles like Altered Carbon, Black Mirror and Love, Death + Robots or browse through for even more sci-fi treats.

A Cheat Sheet for Netflix’s Categories and Their Hidden Codes

Thought this is it? No, the list is not complete yet. Drag yourself down the page to discover more codes. Netflix has tons of codes that can improve users’ experience and leave them craving more. Scroll through the table to find more codes.

Category Code
Gal-Pal TV Shows 1143288
High Brow Horror 3261672
Irreverent TV Comedies 75480
Team Players 2752022
Totally Awesome ‘80s 2314106
Nostalgic ‘90s 2691941

New code categories are being added whenever a gap is discovered. When the pandemic hit the masses in 2020, the team responded by making a category Human Connections (81271205) to help viewers feel better and connected.

Are you a Saturday Night Live fan? No. Then there is one more category for you.  “Short-Ass Movies” (81603903) was created when Pete Davidson rapped about wanting to watch Short-Ass Movies. If you are there but not for long, then Watch in One Night (3178549) and  Watch in One Weekend  (3182735) are ideal for you.

And if you are caught up in the Korean charm and want to immerse yourself in Korean culture, then spice things up with K-Dramas for Beginners (2953105). Watch Goblin, Squid Game, All Of Us Are Dead, and many more. Are you waiting for the Next Season of King The Land? Check out every detail here.

Catch sweet hits like Gilmore Girls, Ginny & Georgia, Once Upon a Small Town, and many more in the Small Town Charm (81615585). If you want to enjoy your time in the Supernatural world, then the next station for you is the Supernatural Soaps (81238162). Catch the tale of the Salvatore Brothers by watching The Vampire Diaries, or see how the devil adjusts on the Earth by streaming Lucifer only on Netflix.

If you are an anime lover, then your love can reach the horizons. Transverse the Anime journey through these codes.

  • Anime Dramas 452 
  • Anime Comedies 9302
  • Anime Fantasy 11146
  • Anime Horror 10695

Catch up on the latest Anime Series Baki Season 3 Release Date And Highlights. There you have it – we hope that allows you to find your next want to watch movies, shows, and series on Netflix. The list is endless, and I have compiled the most watched categories. Categories are just like a playlist, stacked with humongous shows. Don’t let the confusion let down your Netflix fever and watch your favourite and high-rated shows without any issue.

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