A 5-Step Checklist for Handling Air Travel Woes on the Go!


Saloni Singh

After a mid year of harrowing tales about flying, the prospect of airline travel could make you queasy. A new Tech Fix segment detailed several ways to plan an easier excursion, yet what can you do assuming that that excursion is upset en route?

Here’s a plan for using your smartphone as a travel aid while you remain cautiously optimistic — yet prepare for terrible.

After a mid year of shocking tales about flying, the prospect of airline travel could make you queasy. What can you do in the event that your process is upset in transit? Here is a plan for using your smartphone as a travel aid while you remain optimistic — yet prepare for just terrible.

1. Check Your Apps!

In the event that you haven’t done thus, download the official apps for the airlines you’ll use on your excursion. You may have pursued travel alerts by text or email when you booked your flight, however you can get notifications in the airline app, as well — along with devices that prove to be useful when plans go awry.

A weather app that shows you the conditions at all your flight-connection focuses is useful for advance planning. And assuming severe weather conditions or airline issues cancel your flight, having apps for inn chains, car-rental administrations or even train plans already installed can assist you with rapidly reserving a place to stay for the evening or track down alternative ground transportation.

A 5-Step Checklist for Handling Air Travel Woes on the Go

2. Actually Take a Look at Your Flight!

Most airline apps offer versatile registration and digital boarding passes 24 hours before takeoff, as well as a status screen to check whether your flight is on schedule, delayed or canceled. (Airline notifications also alert you to changes in the flight’s status.)

On the off chance that a flight is delayed or canceled, it’s frequently because the designated plane is bogged down on an earlier assignment. Some major airline and tracker apps incorporate a “Where’s My Plane?” feature that shows the ongoing location of the aircraft assigned to your flight.

Assuming you see that your plane is late arriving and you’ll miss your next connection, you can immediately start the rebooking system.

Outsider flight-tracker apps work across various airlines and give additional information, like overall airport delays. Flightradar24 and FlightAware (both free with in-app subscription purchases) or the free basic FlightStats are among the many options for Android and iOS users.

Unconventional for the iPhone ($6 a month; various plans are available) monitors air traffic, identifies disruptions to your flight plans and alerts you immediately.

For a straightforward flight status, just sort the airline and flight number into your favored search motor.

3. Take a Look at Your Baggage!

Stuffing everything into a carry-on tackles lost-luggage stresses, however in the event that you truly do check a bag, you could have free luggage tracking.

Delta Air Lines and other carriers have been using radio-recurrence identification tags on handled bags for several years. You can get updates on your suitcase’s location by tapping the Track My Bags button in your airline’s app.

On the off chance that your carrier doesn’t offer bag-tracking, you don’t trust it or you’d rather do it without anyone else’s help, consider slipping a reasonable location-revealing gadget like a Tile or an Apple AirTag into your suitcase and tracking it with your smartphone.

A 5-Step Checklist for Handling Air Travel Woes on the Go

4. Take a Look at the Airport!

Assuming your flight is delayed and you’re stuck at an unfamiliar airport, fear not. There are maps to aid as you continued looking for phone-charging stations, espresso and other essentials. Your airline’s app may already incorporate airport maps, as do some flight-tracking and travel apps.

Apps dedicated to airport layouts are available, however programs you probably have already — like Google Maps and Apple Maps — frequently have terminal maps.

And in the event that you have a flight connection coming up, really look at the map to familiarize yourself with the layover airport. You may have to get going at fast to make that next leg of your outing.

5. Take a Look at Your Options!

Assuming your flight is canceled, bounce directly into the rebooking system on your phone. Most airlines let you reschedule through their apps or sites, and it’s almost always faster than dialing the customer-administration line. (Visit your airline’s site for information on its particular rebooking process.)

Assuming no seats are available, it could be feasible to transfer your pass to another airline, yet ask your original carrier.

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On the off chance that not, Google Flights or travel-booking locales like Kayak or Expedia will show alternative flights. Yet, on the off chance that you’re grounded for the day and the airline doesn’t give a voucher, fire up your apps for inns — or alternative travel techniques assuming you desperately need to get to your destination.

A 5-Step Checklist for Handling Air Travel Woes on the Go

At times, you may have travel credits or discounts for canceled flights coming to you. Companies like AirHelp can direct you through a claim, however some Visas incorporate excursion interruption insurance already, so ask assuming that you paid with that card.

The Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection website has a page of assets online already, and another interactive dashboard for frustrated travelers is expected by Sept. 2.

Indeed, We Travel Specialists Run Into Choppiness Overhead — And in the Airport!

Earlier this fall, my colleague Scratch Hilden detailed his own involvement with tracking and recovering his luggage that got abandoned at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Sadly, his case of the missing suitcase is just one in a huge number of operational woes that’s directed to Schiphol restricting passenger capacity all the way to next March.

Speaking of restricted capacity, I got my own reality check the month earlier, when I flew from Tel Aviv to Toronto to catch a connecting trip to Las Vegas.

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As much as I attempted to avoid “The Notorious Toronto-Pearson,” I ultimately got the signature experience of extra time on the tarmac, a shambolic scramble through security designated spots, and ultimately, my own missing luggage saga — however, thankfully, this airline rallied to return my suitcase to me about a day and a half after I arrived in Vegas.

So the way in which bad is it, really?

More than 128,000 U.S. flights were canceled during the principal half of 2022, according to FlightAware data that Reuters analyzed. In addition, nearly 22% of flights were delayed during the peak of summer travel season in July, and the amount of lost handled luggage has flooded around the world beginning around 2019.


Contrary to a few political media savants’ assertions that this is all because of “lockdowns,” the reality is considerably more perplexing and goes beyond Coronavirus.

For years, most U.S. airlines have become more reliant on smaller aircraft —, for example, Boeing’s 737 family of airplanes and Airbus’ A320 series planes — and saving larger aircraft for their more lucrative long-haul international flights.

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