90 Days Fiance 3 : Which Couples Are Still Together From 90 Day Fiance Season 3?


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Fans will once again get an up-close and personal look at some of their favorite couples from across the 90 Day Diaries universe in season 3. It’s true, it’s time for another 90 Day Fiancé spinoff to make its debut on television. Season 3 of 90 Day Diaries will be available soon for those who can’t get enough of some of their favorite personalities and couples from the show.

90 Days Fiance 3

Fans will be able to see whether or not the relationship between Asuelu and Kalani is actually progressing in the right direction, or whether or not their differing views on their respective marital roles are continuing to cause problems in the marriage. In addition, viewers will gain a better understanding of the discussions Kenny and Armando are having about the next steps in their family’s growth and development.

The TLC star’s resident yeller (and sometimes human bullhorn) appears to be sharing what kind of cosmetic work she’d like done next, which is great news for those who are interested in her ongoing transformation.

90 Day Diaries Season 3 Release Date

The third season of TLC’s 90 Day Diaries premieres on Monday, March 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. New episodes will eventually make their way to Discovery Plus, which will be available to subscribers in all countries where the service is offered.
The show will air immediately following a brand new episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, which has already aired and featured Big Ed and Debbie making provocative and at times cringe-worthy television in their respective roles.

90 Days Fiance 3

“While attempting to relocate from Utah, Kalani and Asuelu are experiencing marital difficulties. Ron proposes a significant solution to Brandon and Julia’s problems with their cramped quarters. Cortney has an awkward first date at an animal safari, which she regrets later. Tom is hoping to finalize his relationship with his girlfriend Mariah.”

90 Day Diaries Season 3 Cast

It is one of the things that distinguishes 90 Day Diaries from the other shows in the franchise that the series alternates between a variety of characters and couples from all over the 90 Day universe. Because of this, there are no seven couples or six singles that viewers can follow from beginning to end throughout the course of a season.

As a result, TLC has been gracious enough to provide a photo gallery on the TLC website(opens in new tab) of the people who fans can expect to catch up with on 90 Day Diaries(opens in new tab).

90 Day Diaries Season 3 Trailer

According to the trailer, 90 Day Diaries season 3 will be filled with joyful highs for some and tear-jerking lows for others, as seen in the first episode.

How to Watch 90 Day Diaries Season 3

When the third season of 90 Day Diaries premieres on TLC, fans in the United States will be able to watch it live. Audience members in the United Kingdom, as well as those in the United States who will not be watching TLC, will have the opportunity to watch episodes as they become available on Discovery Plus with a subscription.

Which Couples Are Still Together From 90 Day Fiance Season 3?

Kyle and Noon are one of the franchise’s most beloved couples, and they haven’t outstayed their welcome despite the fact that some viewers believe Alexei and Loren have been overexposed. Noon expressed her desire to become a mother last year, stating that she intended to have a child in 2021. While the couple is still blissfully married, they have decided to forego having children.

Alexei & Loren Brovarnik

Alexei and Loren had a major year in 2021, which was filled with epic highs and difficult lows after being hailed as fan-favorite cast members. Despite the fact that Loren gave birth to the couple’s second son on August 16, the couple endured a great deal of stress because their child required additional time in the hospital and because COVID-19 protocols made it difficult for them to see their son.

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Loren shared her feelings about the stress, exhaustion, and depression that come with childbirth in a series of candid and raw Instagram posts, which were widely shared. Despite the fact that they are currently dealing with COVID-19 infections, the family is a loving four-person unit.

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Loren and Alexei have continued to appear in new franchise content following their selection as one of the most likable and relatable franchise couples by Entertainment Weekly. Loren and Alexei have received widespread praise for their Pillow Talk commentary, which has resulted in the couple receiving their own spin-off show in 2022.

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Loren and Alexei will reprise their roles in Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, which will continue to showcase their family bond. Some fans of the franchise believe that the couple appears in too much content when viewers would prefer to meet new couples, despite the fact that they are generally well-liked.

Kyle Huckabee & Bajaree Boonma

While some fans feel Alexei and Loren have overstayed their welcome in the franchise, Kyle and Noon haven’t. A baby in 2021 was Noon’s goal last year. The pair is still married but without children. Noon and Kyle shared several activities in 2021, including snowboarding and socializing. Kyle and Noon didn’t have any significant life events to announce last year, but fans are delighted to see them doing well.

Melanie Bowers & Devar Walters

Melanie and Devar, like Kyle and Noon, were popular favorites. Melanie and Devar are a rare 90 Day Fiancé pair who met on vacation and married. Melanie and Devar welcomed Avah in 2017, and Melanie also has a son from a previous relationship, Hunter. No significant announcements from Melanie and Devar in 2021, but a happy and united family. The couple had a great year with their family and Avah.

Josh Strobel & Aleksandra Iarovikova

The 90 Day Fiancé series included numerous Mormon couples, including Josh Strobel and Aleksandra Iarovikova. Despite her love for booze and partying, Josh had his Russian partner convert. Josh’s medical school in Australia brought the couple together. They returned to the US and now reside in New Orleans. They have a happy Mormon family of four.

Fernando & Carolina Verdini

Infidelity troubles arose after Fernando, a Florida resident, met Carolina, a Colombian. Carolina suffered with homesickness and Fernando’s nasty mother while accusing him of infidelity. Carolina and Fernando have managed to keep their marriage intact. Carolina seems to have adjusted to her huge transfer to Miami with ease.

90 Days Fiance 3

Mark & Nikki Shoemaker

Viewers were outraged when 58-year-old Mark Shoemaker brought a 19-year-old from England to the United States to be his new bride on 90 Day Fiancé. Mark regarded Nikki as if she were his child, despite the fact that she was older than all four of his adult children at the time of the incident. Nikki and Mark’s silence has been deafening since they attempted to sue TLC for breach of contract during the third season of 90 Day Fiancé.