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90 Day Fiancé: Robert And Anny Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Robert and Anny are expecting their first child together 90 Day Fiancé. This was announced by Anny on her Instagram recently.

She took to the platform to express her happiness on expecting a baby. This couple has bonded insanely quickly. After only 8 hours of meeting, Robert had proposed to Anny. And this is how situations are now for the couple.

So, it will be interesting to see how the show will end up. After this news, the couple is exceptionally delighted. They are very happy to be together. This will be Anny’s first child. However, Robert is already a dad of 4.

This couple had connected on Facebook. They met when Robert came on a cruise ship to her hometown. And things have been going well ever since.

90 Day Fiancé


More About The Announcement Of The Baby

The baby was announced on the 9th of April. Anny did that on her Instagram. She posted a photo of her sonogram and her tummy.

This way, she announced her pregnancy to the world. She is elated with the news. Both of them are exceptionally happy.

Things have gone well between the two. So, this news has only made that stronger. Anny has described the baby as a gift from god.

She is very happy to have this experience. So, she wrote that she is happy to be at the place where she is right now.

Also, she feels really good about this pregnancy and is looking forward to the finales.

More About The Couple

90 Day Fiancé

The couple had met on Facebook. Then, things went well. Robert traveled on a cruise ship to come to Anny’s place. This was when they first met.

After only 8 hours of knowing each other by face, Robert had proposed to Anny. She accepted. Robert is already a father of four children from four different mothers.

Hiwer, this is the first time expernecie for Anny.

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