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8 Things You Need To Know In COD Warzone To Survive Royale Battle


David Mudd

The one thing that you can’t get enough of are the tips and tricks to ace a game. And when it comes to COD, you better be prepared with some tricks up your sleeve. This will give you an edge over the others and also make an identity in the same. COD is not a very easy hand to play and getting ahold of some facts will always be handy.

Get Pre-Game Lobby Kills For Upgraded Arms

If you can get a few kills in the pre-game, you can upgrade your weapon. The weapon is usually randomly assigned and this is a very good chance to enhance it. This way, you’ll be able to be productive even before the game begins and can earn some rewards. Weapon upgradations are also carried in the multiplayer modes.

COD’s Twist: Warzone Gulag

This is a very interesting plot. You can get a chance to earn another drop here. The only thing you have to do is win the 1v1 match that you’re put in. This way you can easily earn another drop. Players can help each other over chat as they see their teammates play. This is another chance to fight for yourself after you die the first time.

What To Get From Warzone Buy Stations

You can find the buy stations anywhere using the small shopping cart icon on your screen. Here, you can buy a variety of things including Killstreaks, armor plates, ranging up to a loadout drop to get your gear. You can easily loot the cash while you’re in the game. The cash is surrounded everywhere throughout the maps.

What About A Warzone Crossplay?

In COD, you can add up the fun by teaming up with your mates. For this, you only have to send a friend request to each of your squad members through the socials tab in the game. By accepting the request, they allow you to team up. So, you can either just form a new squad or get invited to another party.

Getting Ready In The Lobby

You have a lot of tabs in the lobby section that can make you rethink if you’re doing it right. But you don’t have to worry since there isn’t much you have to do to get ready. You’re already prepared for the game. The sound that you hear in the background is usually of players entering and leaving the match. Keep your anxiety at bay and give the match your best shot!

Earning Warzone Killstreaks

Now, this is new about this game. This is because this time you have to ge

t Killstreaks from buy stations or you can get it in the loot if you’re too lucky. Remember that, you only carry one killstreak at a time. So, if you get a new one that means that you’ve lost the previous one.

About Warzone Contracts

Certain Warzone Contracts are scattered in the place. Once you get a hold of them, you can get access to more benefits and advantages. This can be very helpful. Contacts can be either bounty, recon, or scavenger. It can help you level up as you get more rewards and also a contract bonus at the end of the mission.

About the Revive System

To redeploy or revive someone from the game, you have to collect cash. You can then buy a life from the Buy station. The cash can be collected by looting on the warzone. It is spread evenly throughout the maps and you can easily lay a hand on some bucks. You need only $4500 to redeploy a teammate.

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