8 Popular And Trending Home Decor Styles


Hadley Bourn

Interior design has become popular and trending these days than ever. Starting from the room designs to wall paint to home decor everything needs to be done carefully for creating a beautiful interior.

Are you looking for best design and style to decorate you home? If yes, then here is the eight popular and trending home decor styles for you.

#1 Focus on Statement Pieces

Setting up space with a statement piece is a trend that takes the front row and looks very classy. A statement piece in your living room adds luxury, neatness, and class to your decor.

In addition, a large bold piece brings in the new element, and the rest of the decor is set, keeping in mind its grandeur.

#2 Natural Collection is in Trend

Plants are not only confined to your garden or balconies. Include gorgeous indoor plants near windows and all the rooms of your house with natural light—plants in the living room, staircase rest, or bedroom.

Plants like succulents are excellent for air purifying and ensure sound sleep at night. There are so many positives to showering indoor plants, which ask for less maintenance.

#3 Bohemian Style Space

Bohemian or boho decor is artistic, accessible, and nomadic, with uplifting patterns and colors. It takes inspiration from Morrocan and Hippie designs with lots of colors and patterns. The environment looks very colorful and joyous, with lots of patterned layering.

It also has macrame, ottoman, gauzy canopies, and a load of plants and natural woods. This decor is very welcoming and cheerful and feels like a pleasure to the eyes.

#4 Contemporary Design

The Contemporary setup is derived from modern style. It is majorly minimalist with clean lines and natural colors. The color palate is of earthy colors and can have contrasting accent walls. The wooden floors with patterned chairs and simple furniture.

It has large glass windows and a door with simple frames. The natural light is abundant. A minimalistic wall canvas on the accent wall is the highlighting point. The contemporary style is very classy and polished.

#5 Rustic / Country Style

Rustic / country style looks very warm and has native American looks. Bring in darker natural woods with not very polished furniture.

A bold wooden log can become your coffee table – introduce darker green furniture with leathered stools, cowhide, and warm plaid flannel. Further, you can add orange hues in rooms like bedroom to design it with rustic style.

For hel, you can check out orange wall ideas for trending bedroom style.

#6 Creative Storage Spaces

Creative storage space, which serves in various manners, is essential because of its space savings and functionality. For example, a foldable rustic wooden table with shelves turned into a stand is a fantastic storage option.

Stools with racks and drawers are unique too. Bed cum sofa furniture is brilliant for adding more sleeping space. Invest in these trending storage solutions. It declutters your house and serves in the hour of need.

#7 More Seating Area

Incorporate as such a seating area you can do in the form of creative furniture. The living room is a shared space with a TV unit, having meals, gossiping, or an activity corner.

Include seating according to various functional activities. For example, include lovely couches, recliners, and comfy stools with lots of cushions and comforters.

#8 Entertainment Spaces

Living rooms are the new entertainment space. A large TV with an audio sound system and comfortable seating is a bonus.

If you have an audio-video system, pamper it with lots of comfort and warmth. Then, make your movie time memorable with the perfect setting.

Summing Up

Incorporate these styles on your favorite themes and make it comely and practical with lots of coziness. Then, reconsider your space and include elements accordingly to make your home trendy and beautiful.