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8 Ball Pool Hack: Every Trick in the book

8 ball pool is the largest multiplayer billiards themed simulation game maintained & operated by Miniclip, the largest privately-owned gaming site based in Switzerland, Portugal, England and Italy. At the moment it has the largest number of active players all over the world. 8 Ball Pool Hack will be amazing for you!

If you have not heard of this game before, let us tell you that it is one of the coolest and most interesting games of the moment. The more you play, the more you understand the elegance of the game. Using the cue in a rightly measured, calculated way, employing proper spin force, – everything has to be taken into account. It is a delicious challenge for millions of players worldwide.

Read on to know more about the game and our suggested hacks to become a pro in no time at all.

Platform – 8 Ball Pool Hack

The game can be played on Android, iOS and Web browsers. 

Initial release

a glimpse from 8 Ball Pool Hack
Showcasing a picture from 8 Ball Pool!

Initially, the game was released in 2010.

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The Gameplay – 8 Ball Pool Hack

the game, 8 Ball Pool
The game, 8 Ball Pool, and its Hack!

The immense popularity of this game is acknowledged by countless players all over the world. The quick and easy simulation is the magnet that draws on the players. And it’s so easy! You just aim the cue and swipe it front to pot the balls. You earn coins based on the balls you manage to pot. 

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Hacks – 8 Ball Pool Hack

a glimpse from 8 Ball Pool Hack
Featuring a still from 8 Ball Pool!

Here are some of our suggestions for you if you wanna be a top-level 8 ball pool player. 

1.Aiming expert 

Aiming Expert is a professional tool for players and helps you become an expert in billiards and pool games. It can help you aim at the ball and extend the aim line automatically. Thereby making it nice and accurate shots. It is not limited to direct straight shots but also helps with bank shots or cushion shots easily.

Aiming Expert have the following features:

  •  Auto lengthen guideline during gameplay
  • 100% Safe, No hack, with AI Image Recognition
  •  Support bank shot & kick shot
  1. Plan in advance 

Before playing this game, you need to plan. It might sound way too obvious, it works. Study the table, the position of the balls and now you have a clear target. A lot of players just cannot decide which of the balls they should target first. If you plan and analyze it is bound to help you. 

  1. Unblocking the table 

When you get your shot, the first thing you can try is to unclog the table. When you see a lot of balls together, don’t take the shot to pocket them, aim to single them out. That way your chances of pocketing the balls is much higher.

  1. Early try for tough shots

If you are a serious player in this game, then you are going to be stressed out from taking tough shots. Our suggestion is that take those tough shots as early as possible and that will take the pressure off you. 

  1. The positional play 

Positional play is always difficult. The power shot might not get you the results that you need. But you try a lighter touch that just might help you here. A strong power shot without any plan will not let you accomplish much. On the other hand, a measured light shot increases your chances of hitting the ball. 

  1. Don’t gamble away

Players have a common tendency to gamble all the coins they have earned so far. We would never advise you to do that. Even if you win big, even if you have a lot of coins, don’t do new experiments which can cost all of it. Rather, we suggest spending your coins slowly and wisely.

  1. Improve by practice 

When you have collected coins, you can use them in lower pool rooms.  You can practice your bank shots, combination shots and spinners. These tricky shots are much needed if you want to be good at every kind of shot. Players, especially the newbies, don’t usually go for the tricky shots. But once you have mastered it, You are bound to improve. 

  1. Stick with the same cue 

Guys, we suggest that you stick with one type of cue only. Frequently changing the cue will not make it easier for you to get used to the stats of the cue. If you stick with one single cue for a long time, you will automatically improve the accuracy of the shots. 

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The 8 ball pool is a cool game. It gives a nice break from the games that show a lot of violence. On the other hand, this will help to teach about time-limited performance and critical thinking and decision making. This game perhaps finally proves that games can be good too. All we have to do is create with care. 

Drop your comments in our comment section to include your tips and hacks to nail the game.

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