7 Popular Marketing Majors for 2021 Students


David Mudd

Selecting the right major to study in uni can be daunting. You want to choose something you are passionate about. You want a course that you will enjoy learning, and most importantly, you want to build a successful career out of it.

Among the most fast-growing careers is marketing. The field registers an average median pay of $124,850 annually. This goes to show that with the right marketing major, you can quickly succeed. Finding a job in marketing is relatively easy, especially with the rise of commercial businesses coming up every day.

Marketing courses help you to build solid foundational knowledge. You enjoy flexibility during a job hunt, and you have the potential to land a high starting salary. Even better, you have a range of marketing majors to choose from.

You also do not have to worry about commitments stopping you from enrolling in a marketing course. You can still run your business as usual and look after your family when studying, provided you manage your time well. You can also order custom writing to let experts handle your assignments as you focus on other errands

Read on for insightful ideas into the popular marketing majors for 2021 students.

BA Business and Marketing

If you are into business or hope to own a business someday, this is the right major for you. The program allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of business. You acquire knowledge about marketing in small enterprises and service businesses.

While this course’s backbone is marketing, it also offers substantial knowledge of the general business aspects. Marketing is just one of the functional areas of running an organization. So you will find everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur quickly. The course links marketing to other functions such as accounting, management, and economics.

Bachelors of Digital Marketing and Social Media

In this era, when nearly all businesses are shifting to the digital ways of doing things, you cannot go wrong by choosing this course. It is ideal for individuals who are passionate about using social media to create brand awareness.

7 Popular Marketing Majors for 2021 Students

The program equips you with skills in digital marketing analytics, marketing and communication, social media development, and marketing and media planning.

Bachelor International Management

If you have always dreamed of international careers, this is a chance for you to make your dream a reality. Bachelor in International Management equips you with fundamentals of business. You also learn how to tackle various management challenges, especially in the digital era.

Business processes and infrastructure are constantly evolving, following globalization and digitalization. By studying this course, you will always be up to date with the changes. You also acquire agility and flexibility in management techniques to efficiently lead your team, communicate with customers, and coordinate projects.

This is a broad degree, but you can choose your specialty among marketing, financing, human resources, accounting, and sales.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Marketing

Today’s marketing is a bit complex. It requires expertise to navigate through the customer’s needs and stay on top of competitors.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Marketing introduces you to the very fundamentals of marketing. You also learn how marketing functions and integrates with other departments and customers.

At the end of the course, you will be well-equipped with knowledge on how to combine elements from varying business departments or disciplines. All these can make you a successful marketer whether you wish to start a business or get a marketing job.

Business Management (Marketing)

The BA Business Management (Marketing) is a program that aims to equip you with all the skills you need to land a marketing job fast. You also acquire all the skills you need to run a successful business.

You can opt to focus on the marketing path, which is aimed at individuals who wish to pursue a career in marketing. You can also choose the business management path if your main interest is in managing organizations. Or you could do both.

You will learn about the nature of marketing and how planning and communication play a part in the success of a business. By the end of the course, you will be an expert in planning, communication, presenting, and teamwork.

Bachelor in Digital Product Management

Do you dream of becoming a business growth manager? Your primary role will be to develop visions and strategize new products before the launch. Moreover, you will be for leading other experts to come up with killer marketing campaigns.

If this sounds like your dream career, you should consider studying for a bachelor’s in digital product management. As the manager, you will be the voice of consumers.

You will use data and insights collected from consumers to ensure that your products and services meet their expectations. Customer satisfaction should be a top priority, and digital product management makes it easier to achieve that.

You will also be responsible for creating product backlogs. To do so, you need a broad understanding of business and information, and technology, all of which you can acquire by taking this course.

Bachelor of Fashion Branding and Creative Communication

If you are in the creative field, this is the perfect course for you. Marketing is a broad field. You can venture into branding products to create brand awareness. Branding is the most effective way to make a long-lasting impact on consumers.

You may also specialize in creative communication to develop unique ways to reach potential customers to attract new ones and retain them existing ones. The fashion industry is growing fast, and by taking this course, you are assured of landing a job with ease.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of taking a major in marketing are endless. Besides job availability and attractive salaries, you get access to a range of courses to choose from.

Check out any of the highlighted courses. Choose one that meets your needs or one you are passionate about. If you have trouble selecting a course, consider seeking help from experts and let them guide you to the best fitting major.

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