6 Ideas for Better Marketing Productivity and Engagement


David Mudd

Sometimes, a great marketing plan in theory can turn into a total disaster when it comes to its practical implementation. Clear-cut strategies may fit the context of your brand promotion right, however, their implementation was not on the goal or strictly the timing was wrong. As a result, conversions are not happening. To prevent that a marketer is supposed to be watching carefully whether the strategies indeed align with real business processes. Let’s look at the possibilities to achieve that and enhance productivity alongside more enthusiastic audience engagement.

Automate your workflow

It’s true that you will not be able to automate every single move of your marketing process. Although, most of the tasks sometimes don’t provoke much enthusiasm for doing. You have gotten your back covered with various software that has been developed to satisfy any automation needs of yours. With automation you will be able to arrange your scheduled content distribution ( digital calendar is a must), your mailing, database metrics, PPC reporting, IF functions for your ad customization, time management ( great to avoid distractions when on deadline), data reporting solutions, CRM integration, etc.

The idea is that with the technology constantly developing there is no longer a need to spend hours on manual work. Better dedicate this time to some creative solutions for your brand gaining more awareness and demand.

Aim at more engaging content

When it comes to creating content you have to be clear on who you are creating it for ( you might need very detailed information on your target audience). Also, make sure to meet the requirements of the platform of distribution ( various channels ask for different content formats). Next on the list is to think through the design.

Visual information is consumed way more preferably than just plain text even with valuable information. Opt-in for authentic visual content, created for your brand exactly. However, sometimes there might be a need for an immediately relevant image and it’s totally OK to turn to, let’s say, free stock images for commercial use, and choose the most suitable ones out of a massive collection.

Think of adding more video content. Marketers consider it to be quite a useful tool in achieving marketing goals – high rates of lead generation (83% agreed according to Wyzowl)

and better ROIs ( 89%, same source).

Never be afraid to adjust your content strategy to marketing needs. It is your flexibility that puts you ahead of the competition. Marketing changes and the requirements for fitting in change exponentially. However, whatever adjustments are made, your brand identity should be kept intact. It does sound like you have to perform quite an intricate job, yet it is still worth the outcomes.

Personalization touch

When you arrange your work the way every single customer feels that the work you do – you do especially for him/her. To achieve that your task is to closely watch every step of the customer’s interaction with the brand. Knowledge of that lets you place your audience into the right targeting category. When you reach your audience, mentioning the time and exact actions, proceeding with offering some help or explaining, or any other kind of reason to address, there is a chance to provoke the desired purchase or order. The customer likes feeling special and knowing that you care, even the mailing is pretty much automated. You, as a marketer, still did a great job collecting the data and analyzing it thoroughly. Customers appreciate when your connection is not just about profit, but you indeed care and you are rooting for their problems to be solved, from the human perspective, not just a money-making one.

Leverage your social media engagement

It’s highly recommended to utilize social media business potential to its fullest. Social media platforms may have started as a fun place to be and share your greatest experiences. Yet now it has become a powerful tool in achieving marketing goals. By the means of social media channels, one can increase reach by times, enhance brand awareness and advertise services to quite a vast majority of potential clients.

A smart social media presence is a great way to promote your youtube channel, your blog, website, or online store. Be authentic, bring on value, and show your audience that you care. Entice your followers into marketing for you ( user-generated content). Show your appreciation, respect, and gratitude for their trust in your products, encourage them to be more engaged with your account ( special offers, giveaways, live communications, QAs, bonuses, fulfilled promises, etc.) in order to eventually make them more involved with your product. Even if the brand you promote is that good that virtually speaks for itself, there still somebody who has to listen.

So to attract those “listeners” you have to own an appealing and trustworthy social media account, a business one in particular. There must be a fine line between your account and the working one. Though they ought to align, transmitting the same value and you being whole with what you advertise.

Social media marketing is quite a science and takes time to tackle the peculiarities and implement them for productive results, but it indeed proves itself to be valuable for your general marketing campaign.

Prioritize your audience

It’s been already mentioned that every strategy you choose to maximize your marketing is closely interconnected with the people you have your mission to perform for. Your target audience data is a valuable source for building guidelines for the marketing plan. Therefore, you have gotten the idea of keeping this information under the radar constantly, so that you can adjust, approach, and show the most appreciative attitude.

That’s where the next important moment comes for increased engagement and conversions – putting your clients first. Let them always be able to provide you with feedback. It’s OK to read and not always hear the most pleasant stuff. Poor reviews are also reviews for you to enrich your business. If there is something not quite right with your brand you may use negativity to transform it into the ideas of improvement and becoming better in your field.

Be ready to react delicately and with a huge level of respect. Praise your audience, comment on how impressed you are with your clients’ results, and be engaged in the lives of your following community. They must know you are not someone who is above, but the one who is together with them plus owning great things for them to raise the quality of their lives. Always, make sure your clients remain satisfied and valued. Then they stay, they buy, and they bring in more new clients.

Give yourself a break

You are not a robot. Constant thinking of business stuff will never do any good neither to you nor to your business. What it will result in is a total burn-out. of course, you have committed yourself to make your business expand. However, there is an erroneous belief that to do so you have to be switched on 24/7 and never let yourself loose a bit. There must be a time when you have to slow down, breathe in, breathe out, distance yourself from the routine, and afterward, come back with a fresh view at some things being done wrong, or simply ditch the idea and launch the new flashy one. Sometimes, it is not just about knowing when to stop and redirect or more meaningful destination reach.


Even the greatest idea today can lose its charm tomorrow. Marketing is never still and changes so rapidly. Your marketing strategies are expected to be constantly upgraded in order to achieve the desired outcomes and maximize the engagement of those who might be showing interest. Sincere commitment and high-quality moments to recharge will bring your marketing to the level you want it to be at and with the customers’ involvement resulting in high conversions.