6 Best Tips From The Famous Writers


David Mudd

There are many moments when the writer feels an overflow of ideas and stories to write, but they just don’t know how to write it down. Some of the writer’s great ideas live in their mind all their life and benefit none. If they had been drafted on paper, they could have been beneficial to a whole generation.

You could be in the same situation where you have so much to write, but you are not inspired to sit and begin writing. The following six tips from famous writers will help.

6 Best Tips From The Famous Writers


Maya Angelou

“I understand why the caged birds sing.” 

Maya Angelou was a great American poet and activist who wrote several autobiographies, poems and essays. In her advice to writers who desired to become great writers, she said the secret was to lock the self in a room and write all that is in that self.

She was keen to explain that to lock self does not mean to be in a quiet place, but to have your inner person focused on writing. According to her, some people will switch their music player to full volume and write wonderful content.

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William Faulkner

Many Americans associate William Faulkner with the Oxford, Mississippi Nobel Price. He wrote many books, which included poems, stories, novels and essays. During one of his famous speeches, William Faulkner was asked to explain how he managed to write many books. His answer was –

“You can’t swim to new horizons unless you build the courage to lose sight of the seashore.”

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6 Best Tips From The Famous Writers

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is remembered mostly because of the famous book Fahrenheit 451. He narrated how he had desired to write specific topics on various occasions. Many are moments when he would sit to write and soon find himself writing a different thing from what he had originally intended. He would just follow what his inner being was directing. No wonder he wrote this famous quote.

“The very first thing is to find what your hero wants, then follow him”

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath’s best two books are The Bell Jar and Ariel. When she wrote the books, she had to fight doubt that kept building inside her. She kept postponing to another day until she realized how much time she was losing to doubt. She was right in her advice to writers: – “The greatest enemy of being creative is self-doubt.”

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is famous for writing novels. She is ranked as a bestseller in the New York Times. Sometimes she would sit to write and get stuck for hours with nothing flowing. When she was through, all that she had to edit was a blank screen. This was her advice: –

“If your amount of time to write is too limited, just sit down and write it. Your writing might not be perfect daily, but you always have a chance to edit a bad page. You cannot edit a blank page.”

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker is known for writing heavily quoted phrases in her satiric and critic writing, her storybooks and poems. Most of her quotes were satiric, like in this particular one about editing your work.

“I cannot write 5 words, but I can edit 7.”


You could still be wondering if you are ready to start writing or if you should wait a little longer. With the inspirations drawn from famous writers, you will realize that you will never have a perfect writing time. The best way out is to start with the first word and add several thousands of words to it. When you sit down to read the creation, you will be surprised at the kind of informative piece of content you have written.