5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling


Mohit Kamboj

Spring is almost here and that means a lot of people are starting to think about home improvement projects. If you are a home chef or love entertaining, then you might be thinking about remodeling your kitchen. A full-on kitchen remodel can be a big financial investment, but there are some ways to give your kitchen a refresh without having to go through a full remodel. With a few additions, you can help your kitchen look new and be ready for cooking projects and entertaining — without giving up your kitchen in the meantime.

Paint Cabinets and Walls

Changing the color of any room can give it a new look and the same goes for your kitchen. Giving your kitchen a vibrant color scheme is one way to breathe new life into your space. Before you get started, you’ll want to come up with a color scheme that can then be applied throughout your kitchen. Then you can use this color palette for small details in all of the changes that you make.

There are a few options to consider when it comes to adding color. One is to paint an accent wall either above your sink or another small area. You can go a little bold here with pastels, but especially if you are thinking about selling your home soon, you don’t want to be too bold. Other considerations are a chalkboard wall where you can write shopping lists and notes.

For a project that is a bit more involved but can have a big payoff, you can also paint your cabinets, or replace cabinet doors and paint them in an accent color. In this way, you can give cabinets a refresh without having to replace them completely. Cabinets in bold blue, yellow, or green can truly transform a kitchen. Even if you don’t want to repaint the entire cabinet, you can repaint the trim for a mini transformation.

Go Bold With Hardware

A quicker update for your cabinets can be adding knobs, or other hardware to add that wow factor. Vintage stores can be one place to find these decorative pieces, and you can even go mismatched for a fun look. Or, you can go modern with brushed brass or stainless steel. Even a small refresh of these details can make a big difference in your kitchen. While you are thinking about these decorative details, you can update kitchen accessories like your toaster, utensil holder, or oven mitts, to coordinate with your new decor.

Update Light Fixtures

Every kitchen needs adequate lighting so home chefs can see what they are working on, and updating your lighting can also be a way to give your kitchen an update. Overhead lighting might require a contractor — depending on the lighting you currently have in your kitchen — but it could be that changing your light fixture can also give your space a new look. Pendant lights can have the dual function of adding light while at the same time adding a decorative element. You can transform your counter space by adding lights under cabinets, or even a few strategically placed spotlights. The kitchen is one room in the house where you can’t have too much lighting, so get creative and let there be light.

Add a Decorative Backsplash

Like lighting, giving your kitchen a creative backsplash can be functional and decorative. The most useful place for a backsplash may be behind your sink, but really, a backsplash can add a design element anywhere in your kitchen. You can keep it simple by going with tiles or other materials that come with an adhesive back that you can peel and stick on yourself. A tiled backsplash is a timeless design that can add style to any kitchen. Painted decorative tiles can be added with the help of a contractor, and the same goes for classic subway tiles. Other designs worth considering are stainless steel or glass tiles. Like painting, a backsplash can truly transform your space without the investment of an entire kitchen remodel.

Add Some Green

Two ways to change the energy of a room are adding greenery and more light. Adding plants to your kitchen can be as easy as hanging planters, or, depending on how much space you have, adding a wall of air plants. What’s great about air plants is that they don’t require a lot of watering and can survive almost anywhere (like even hanging on wall frame) because they don’t have roots.

There’s no doubt that a full kitchen remodel can transform your space, but a full remodel is a big project and one that means your kitchen will be out of commission for a while. But, you can give your kitchen a refresh without having to give up your kitchen, with updates that are easier on your wallet, too.