5 Upcoming Netflix Shows And Movies You Should Watch In May 2020

Everything Coming To Netflix In May 2020 — And What To Watch

Amidst the CRAZY Coronavirus that’s spreading like CRAZY and making us go CRAZY in isolation, at least something is worth putting your mind in by Netflix.

When you’re home alone, distraught, tired of sleeping, hunger-anguished and sluggish as a sloth, here are a few shows that are certainly going to be the G.O.A.T.

Thanks to the world of Netflix with an immense collection of movies, documentaries and series which are sure to lift your spirits, brighten up your mood and make you realize, quarantine isn’t that bad after all!

Here are 5 upcoming shows on Netflix you are certainly going to cherish, watching!

1.Space Force (Netflix)

Space Force

President Trump had called out the Department of Defense in reference to carrying out the task of building a separate Space Force.

I mean, Of course, because space is just as pivotal to fight in, as is Land, the Ocean and Air?

Co-ordinating with the same dilemma, a spoof in the name of a new TV series has been created.

The cast includes our favourite quirky Phoebe Buffay(Friends fame) aka Lisa Kudrow and Michael Scott(The Office fame) aka Steve Carell, among others.

With them in the frame, I barely think you’d be able to keep your calm.

2.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Ready to re-live your favourite Roald Dahl story of visiting the mysterious factory of Willy Wanka and his staff of Oompa Loompas?

Directed by Taika Waititi, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is all set to hit the world of Netflix.

It is coming up with the sole aim of maintaining the jittery spirit of the book yet indulging the viewers in a more vivacious world of mysticism.

3. Extraction (Netflix)


The movie is expansively shot in India and Dhaka, ‘Dhaka’ being the initially suggested title and has a power-packed cast, including Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Pankaj Tripathi and Randeep Hooda among others.

Revolving around the apparent rescue of the kidnapped son of an international crime lord, the rookie world of weapons, fighting, atrocities and drug trafficking is sure to make you utterly ablaze!

4.Dynasty: Season 3


For all the fans out there of the immensely hooking show, Dynasty, there’s good news for you!

The set-in-the-80’s spinoff drama revolves around two of the richest families of America, as they battle each other to take control of the absolute wealth and their children’s life as well.

Season 3 finally hits by the 3rd week of May!

5. The Lovebirds (Netflix)


Netflix has in store, Kumail Nanjiani’s ‘The Lovebirds’.

It was supposed to be released like a king, as every other movie is, but because of the absolute mess we humans are in, right about now, it has been cancelled for a theatrical release.

But why fear when Netflix is here? The movie is dropping by, this May! The story revolves around a couple who try to solve a murder mystery.

And with Kumail in it, I’m 700% sure it is going to give you one crazy showdown of giggles!

So grab a bowl of pasta(I have no idea why I’m saying that), get a smoothie(Banana for me) and adjust yourself in the sofa as the world of Netflix comes to you in all it’s vigour and charm!



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