5 Ultimate Tips To Keep You Safe On Social Media


Hadley Bourn

Social media forms a significant portion of our lives. We use it to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. Many businesses also use social media platforms to communicate with their employees and stakeholders. The truth is, identity theft can happen to anyone. The damage can be costly, and it can take time to pick up the pieces. But you don’t have to wait until it’s too late. Spokeo can be a reliable tool for those who want to secure their identity. In this post, we’ll discuss the 5 ultimate tips to keep you safe on social media.

Avoid Posting Personal Stuff

For the sake of personal safety, you should avoid sharing personal information like date of birth, phone number, or home address. Also, never reveal your banking information, credit card numbers, social security number, or passwords. If you share such details, you could be a victim of identity theft.

Experienced hackers can piece together your details and use them to create a new account.

Don’t Click On Strange Links

When browsing online, you may be invited to click links sent by friends or even strangers. While some of these activities are secure if they come from a trusted source, criminals can impersonate trustworthy sources and send a link that contains malware.

At its core, a code is built to redirect you to another website that contains malware. When you click on the link, you could be a victim of an online attack. Since social media accounts are regularly hacked, you should never click on a link that doesn’t sound like it comes from a friend.

Stay Away From Sketchy Emails

Anyone can get tricked with malicious emails that look genuine. Cybercriminals target users to gain access to online accounts associated with a specific email address. You must identify illegitimate emails to avoid being tricked.

Hackers can write a sketchy email that appears like it’s coming from a colleague. It could even come as an automated email from a service you use. Still, you may be asked to log in to your account to verify something. The goal is to access your email password.

How do you identify sketchy emails? If you receive a suspicious email, you should check the domain name. If the sender is purporting to be an organization, the domain name should be org or net instead of dot com. Also, be on the lookout for the deadline, action to take, or grammatical errors. Most sketchy email addresses will carry a dot exe file.

One popular way of phishing emails is from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Review Dialer and Instagram. If you suspect the source of the email is not legit, the safest thing to do is to access the website via browser. Don’t click if you aren’t sure. If you suspect any sketch email, change the password immediately.

Make Your Profile Private

If you want to stay safe on social media platforms, you should keep your profile private. To protect your information, you should treat the `About Me’ fields as optional. For instance, Facebook gives an option to fill in details like where you went to school and place of residence. You can leave the field blank or give general information.

How about you become a master of privacy settings? Facebook and Twitter allow you to choose who should view specific posts. If you don’t want your information to be available to the public, don’t post it.

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Social network selling allows you to laser-target prospectors and establishes rapport with existing connections. When done right, it can replace cold calling. You can think of social network selling as a tactic of connecting with local customers.

If you want to connect with social network sellers while keeping safe online, Spokeo can be a reliable tool. You can search by phone, name, address, or do an email lookup. And you access billions of records. Spokeo is a data enrichment tool, so you get lots of information that relate to personal and professional background.

Since the risk of identity theft grows every day, Spokeo Protect can stop identity theft. This tool uses proprietary technology to keep fraudsters and hackers at bay. If there’s any unusual activity, you get an alert in real-time.

If identity theft occurs, the specialists will help you restore the account. Spokeo protect can safeguard your social security number, driver’s license, credit report, bank accounts, and medical insurance. Whether you need basic or total protection, you can choose a plan that suits you best.

If you want to use social media platforms and keep safe, be sure to follow the above safety tips.