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5 TV Shows That Infamously Rushed Their Endings

Web series hook their viewers in a very different manner. They have a different grip over the viewer. TV Shows This explains why people wait ardently for every new season. However, some of them can be very disappointing.

They have mot served their required motive. This has happened a lot of times when a web series took off well but then they ended in a hurry. So, the ending looks very rushed. Also, it feels that it is unjust to the people who had been waiting for so long. There are quite some notable shows that have done this.

They have been some big names. So, everyone had great expectations out of them. However, they couldn’t meet them quite as much.

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Game Of Thrones

Games of Thrones

Everyone was waiting for the last season so much. They were plotting theories on what would happen. However, the show disappointed. Each season in the show showed a lot of brilliance. But in the end, it all paled down. The ending felt very miss-matched. Also, it was something that people could not get under their throat. So, this was very difficult to digest. However, it was expected that the writers would work harder on it. But it all felt of no worth.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

The entire plot of the series was amazing. People wanted to see how everyone’s life would have ended up being. This concerned a lot of viewers. But the makers ended it quite abruptly. In a mere 2 minute epilogue, they explained everyone’s happy endings. This felt very unfair to the viewers. They had given so much time to the show. The least that they should’ve had was a good ending.

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TV Shows

This show was filled with conspiracies. But in the hurry of ending the show, the last part fell off. The conspirator was revealed very early. This resulted in his death. So, the show came to an end by completely ruining the intrigue that they had built. The viewers had wanted a few more episodes to do justice to the plot. But it wasn’t done exactly.

Rome (TV Shows)

TV Shows

This show ending with lightning speed. Everything happened so quickly that it was difficult to think through it. The show talked about the Roman empire. But it went down real bad. So bad that even HBO later thought that the show should’ve been given more episodes. Brutus was killed hurriedly and the plot slaughtered.

Quantum Leap

TV Shows

This show is noted to have one of the greatest blunders in its finale. Its finale looked so bleak that it also supported a typo. In the end, the makers had misspelled a major characters name. This was very unexpected. They did not make the finale worth the wait at all.

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