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5 Tedious Business Functions You’ll Want to Outsource


David Mudd

You didn’t start a business to get bogged down by tedious business functions.
You want to work on the ‘big picture’ things!

You could pass work to an employee, but that may be below their abilities. You don’t want to waste their talent, either. So, what can you do?

Outsourcing puts those dull functions of business in capable hands. The best part of outsourcing is how readily you’ll find talent to fill skill gaps. Plus, you could save a whole lot of money in the process.

What are the tasks you should pass off to outsourced talent? Consider the following.

1. Accounting

What would you rather do?
• Try your hand at bookkeeping, fat finger a number, and mess things up?
• Let an accounting and tax pro handle the books for a small monthly fee?
Yeah, the latter makes the most sense, especially if you’re not a numbers type.

2. Legal

There are tons of legal documents needed to start and run a business. You’ll find these over on the site, but they’re still a pain to decipher.
It’s highly doubtful that you’ll have an in-house legal counsel.
Outsource your business legal needs to LPO companies. These companies do legal process outsourcing. As implied, they’ll handle your legal documents and operational needs.

3. IT

Keeping all the tech on-site is a surefire way to see a business crash and burn. It places systems at the whim of natural disasters, employee mess-ups, and theft.
Businesses need some form of fault tolerance in case things go into disarray. They also need trusted professionals that manage the daily tech needs.

This is where you’d outsource to a managed service company.

Managed IT services handle lots of things like:
• Monitoring and upkeep
• Client support
• Consulting
And tons of other technical things you probably wouldn’t bother learning.

4. Marketing

Great marketing takes talent you might not have as a fresh-faced entrepreneur.
Small business outsourcing to a marketing pro lets you easily explore:
• Branding
• Inbound tactics
• Paid advertising
You can pick what’s needed a-la-carte. This keeps costs low because you’re only paying for what’s needed. It’s a great way to capitalize on strategies without committing to massive campaigns.

5. Shipping

People want their orders fast — like Amazon 1-day fast.
You likely can’t compete with 1-day shipping if everything goes through your location. So, the best opportunity is by working with a logistics company.
Explore order fulfillment services.

The order fulfillment team will pick, pack, and ship products for a nominal feel. This gets products to customers faster. Plus, you won’t waste time (and money) doing the logistics and shipping in-house.

Easy Wins With Outsourcing Business Functions

You’ll find plenty of business functions worth outsourcing as time goes on.
Track business tasks and look for patterns in what you and the team does. Those repetitive functions are prime to pass off to outsourced talent!
Do these five and your business will certainly see increased profits.
What else can you do to increase profits? Well, check out more guides on the site!