5 Surprising Facts About Wonder Woman You Probably Had No Idea of!


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When it comes to popular culture icons, Wonder Woman is up there with Superman and Batman. And now that DC has finally decided to give one of the first female superheroes her film in 2017, starring Gal Gadot, the timing couldn’t be better for Wonder Woman, who had long been overshadowed by her male rivals. A year before her big debut, she will make a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, making it the first time the Holy Trinity has ever shared a big screen appearance.

Everyone is familiar with Wonder Woman, but few know that her real name is Diana, Princess of Themyscira. She doesn’t have as many film adaptations as Superman or Batman, thus the ordinary moviegoer doesn’t know much about her origin story or abilities. With her return to the forefront of popular culture, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Wonder Woman Facts to refresh your memory.

1. She Worked to Help Rehabilitate Criminals

Batman possessed pistols and Superman hung criminals by their ankles from high buildings in the early days of superheroes, before the Comics Code Authority and censorship shook the comics industry in the mid-1950s. The man who created Wonder Woman believed his iconic heroine had stronger morals.

5 Surprising Facts About Wonder Woman

She also had no intention of murder. (It would change after a very long time, though.) She wanted to rehabilitate other superheroes, which was something that didn’t exist in her day, according to LeClear. “Especially [with] the female supervillains, she takes them over to Reform Island [also known as Transformation Island] and tries to get them rehabilitated back to their true nature of women,” the author writes, “which Marston believed was a superior nature and, like many suffragettes, thought was the only recipe for peace—women being in charge of society.”

2. For a Few Years, Wonder Woman Was Powerless

In a surprising turn of events, Wonder Woman gave up her superpowers in 1968. She had little interest in joining her Amazonian sisters on their trip to another dimension, preferring instead to stay in Man’s World and care for Steve Trevor (who, sadly, was killed off). She also trained in martial arts, dressed in the style of the era, and launched a business selling mod apparel.

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There are a lot of fantastic outfits she might wear during the mod era, but there is no genuine set costume, as LeClear puts it. She donned all sorts of fashionable garments during that time, including a white jumpsuit with a W on it. The Wonder Woman TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby was based on this version of the character and premiered in 1974, a full year before the Lynda Carter series did.

3. She is the Goddess of Battle

According to the New 52, Diana spent a year of her childhood on the island learning from Ares, the God of War. As Helen shows mercy to the Minotaur instead of following Ares’ orders to kill it, he loses respect for her. Later, while she is fighting her evil half-brother, the lessons she learned from him and their past together are crucial. As a result, she transforms into the next War.

5 Surprising Facts About Wonder Woman

She can telepathically control and communicate with the world’s soldiers, however, the full extent of her powers in War has yet to be discovered. It’s unclear if she also mastered Ares’s former ability to reanimate dead soldiers for combat.

4. Wonder Woman is the Daughter of Zeus, the Greek God of the Sky and Ruler of Olympus

The latest “DC Comics: Rebirth” series depicts a different story from the original, in which Wonder Woman’s mother Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira sculpts her daughter Diana out of clay and prays to the gods of Olympus for her clay-crafted child to come to life.

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The real father of Wonder Woman is Zeus, but Queen Hippolyta made up the narrative to cover it up. This explains where Wonder Woman gets her incredible strength and makes her a demigod like Hercules.

5. Wonder Woman Was Created to Serve as a  Feminist Icon

 The feminist themes behind Wonder Woman’s story are obvious to anyone who has read her comics. Readers may not realize that Marston went against the grain of pop culture when she bet that children would enjoy and benefit from reading a comic book starring a woman who championed gender equality.

5 Surprising Facts About Wonder Woman

In the press statement announcing her creation, Marston said, “Like her male precursor, ‘Superman,’ ‘Wonder Woman‘ is gifted with incredible physical power.” Bracelets are fused onto Wonder Woman’s wrists, giving her the ability to deflect bullets. But, her strength will be compromised if she allows a male to rivet chains onto these bracelets. This, according to Dr. Marston, is the fate of every woman who allows a man to dominate her.

He draws this conclusion: “Dr. Marston conceived of Wonder Woman to set a standard among children and young people of strong, free, courageous womanhood; to combat the idea that women are inferior to men; and to inspire girls to self-confidence and achievement in athletics, occupations, and professions monopolized by men.”

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