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5 Short-Form Video Trends That Online Marketers Should Notice

Short-form videos have now become the ultimate trend of the current era. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Google, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others are willing to expand their short video offerings, in addition to other brands.

Per this year’s marketing industry trends survey, more than half of the marketers (approximately 51% of people) want to use short-form videos to make this work; they are also willing to increase their time and financial investment to create compelling and attractive videos. This act will increase their viewers, website traffic, page visitors, and much more. They are looking forward to creating exciting content in 2022, whereas the rest, 38%, plan to invest the same amount and stand on the same grounds.

Short videos are very important, yet no platform has come to a final recording time limitation. Despite realizing its importance, no one has come to a certain amount of time investment. For example, TikTok allowed 60 seconds for a short video during the start; today, it is 3 minutes. Whereas a short-form video on Twitter is up to 2 to 30 mins, and on Instagram Reels, it is 60 seconds.

Short videos are attractive already, and the trend culture is making these platforms more lucrative. Apart from the length of such short videos, the trend and culture is other things that make these short videos more attractive and lucrative.

For instance, TikTok and Reels allow you to record sounds, dances, and social challenges, whereas, on YouTube, you will mostly get interesting and informative content. The preferred average watch time for YouTube’s video length is approximately 10 mins. TikTok and Reels are your go-to platforms if you plan to create short-form videos.

Moreover, a recent study proved that video content is shared at twice the rate compared to any other form, and 84% of people make decisions and get convinced to buy a product or service after watching the brand video.

Since the short video trend is increasingly essential for almost every brand and their marketing strategy, today, we bring you the five interesting short-form video trends that you should focus on in 2022.

Create more user-generated content

It is a significant trend that often works; consumers enjoy user-generated content, and brands love them! Creating targeted and user-generated content helps brands influence their consumers’ purchases without using many resources. Publishing videos and content that evoke emotions increase sales and are also budget-friendly!

Moreover, one of the most significant driving factors motivating your customers to buy your service or product is trust. We all are aware that User-Generated Content is made and delivered to the audience who already trusts you, it can be one of the most innovative ways to make them buy your product. Since UGC content is curated and delivered to the people your audience trusts, it can be one of the most innovative ways to collaborate with your audience and make them buy your product or service. You can also try to showcase your real-life customers and share their satisfactory experiences; it will help them to trust and relate with your brand more as it will help them resonate with your brand even more.

Educate, Explain, Emerge

Educating your consumers can help you get the most benefits. Access to the internet and digital transformation can help people develop and learn new skills as well; brands can leverage this by creating educating and explaining videos to connect the gap between the consumers and brands. In the year 2022, we are expecting to see more explaining and educating videos by the brands in which they will explain to their consumers how to use their products and services. For example, many makeup tutorials, DIY, and how-to videos are available online.

Besides helping your customers, you can create educating and explaining videos to help your brand create a different set of target audiences who love to hear from the experts. This idea will also help you showcase your intelligence and industry knowledge, ultimately motivating the consumers to make a favorable final decision.

Abide by the brand challenges and trends

Anyone can curate content to spread virally quickly in the generation of Instagram, TikTok, and hashtags. If you wish to become socially viral on the internet, you should try and abide by the brand challenges and trends. The challenges you will find on social media platforms will be fun and almost everyone can perform them. The chances are that if your newly created challenge goes socially viral on the internet, many famous celebrities will follow your league, and they will also pitch and participate with your content. These challenges are fun, and everyone can do it; there is an excellent possibility that if your challenge goes viral, famous personalities will also pitch in and participate with your content.

Trends and challenges raised the importance of short videos on social media. To give you an example, when Netflix wanted to promote their original movie Power Project, they released the challenge with influencers by asking them to create a short video using the # What’sYourPower. This challenge reached approximately 6.3 billion viewers, and the campaign was a success.

Authenticity is the Key

Making content and exciting videos on “behind the scenes” will only help you elevate the level of authenticity of your content. The concept and strategy of PR and marketing have spread all over the world like a wildfire, which makes it difficult for consumers to believe in your brand. They are looking for something real, original, and authentic that they can trust. Showcasing, uploading, and video shooting brands ’ behind the scene content will help your consumers to get an authenticity check. Moreover, Consumers are looking for founders and CEOs to speak up, share their opinions, and raise their voices on social platforms. This will help your consumers understand that the brand they’re investing in is worthy.

A recent study proved that 70% of consumers felt more connected to the brands whose CEO is active on social media platforms. This transparency can be enhanced and presented in a unique way by creating short videos and using an effective online video editor.

Product teasers and Inflencer Videos

Gone are the days of average old-school commercials, the trend of short 60-second videos and teasers has now taken over the industry by the storm. Now is the trend of short 60-second videos and teasers of your brand and product. Short video teasers can leverage your brand to promote their products organically and in an amusing way by using a good quality video editor. This 2022, you should also look forward to increasing the investment in influencer ads. You can hire social media influencers and personalities who are followed by many people and ask them to creatively promote your brand, product, or services. This will help your brand gain popularity, become viral, and positively impact your brand, thanks to the popularity of the influencer.


In the end, it is effortless to create a short-form video compared to a long-form video. And following such short video trends of 2022 are unique for your brand and are also budget-friendly. These are the trends that will help you to keep up with the millennials and the current generation. Remember, in the current date, reputation and POV is everything. Brands must realize the importance of originality, trust, quality, and authenticity with a hint of fancy marketing tactics to get the best of their business to create a mark in the product or service industry.

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