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5 Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Apps

First, let’s figure out what enterprise applications are. This is the name for closed web portals or instant messengers, which can only be accessed by employees of the company. The main task of such applications is to optimize the work of the company.

This usually involves simplifying employee communication. Also, it speeds up information exchange within the firm and creates shared access to all of the organization’s data.

Local enterprises have long understood that it is possible to remain competitive only by using modern technologies. Having a user-friendly website isn’t the only way to compete against competitors for your market segment.

Mobile apps can also play into your hands by helping employees keep in touch both with each other and with customers. Highlighted below are some of the top benefits local firms can derive from enterprise mobile applications.


Using geo-targeting technologies, a mobile application can send special offers to customers who are in the immediate vicinity of a store or company office. This will save you money on marketing. the company will not need to spend money on additional advertising.

Loyalty program

A great type of mobile application that companies can use to offer rewards in the form of various bonuses to their customers. Through the app, customers can access exclusive events and limited-time promotions. Such an application allows customers to feel important to the company, which in turn will lead to an increase in customer flow and income.

Mobile payments

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile app is accepting online payments. This feature makes life much easier for almost every business. The main thing to remember about security measures and protecting users from fraudsters.

Mobile client service

Mobile applications can also help business owners to better understand users, establish communication with them using special functions (chat, callback, etc.). This approach allows the business to keep pace with the growing demands of customers.

Mobile sales support and CRM

A mobile application can become an indispensable assistant in many tasks. These are tracking contacts, tasks, opportunities, projects, organizations, emails, etc. Mobile CRM is always at hand, which gives you round-the-clock access to the necessary, important information.

The attraction of new clients

The enterprise mobile applications increase the potential for attracting new customers. It is a great way to reach a new audience that is not yet familiar with the brand. The app can showcase the products and services it offers, describe its benefits, and act as its own marketing posting.

How to implement an enterprise application and why?

As already mentioned, such a development will be relevant for both large and small firms. The age of the company does not really matter either. For young companies that have recently entered the market, the first year of operation is considered the most intense. And the quick connection of a special application for employees will help make it easier.

We have already talked about the advantages of corporate applications for “experienced” organizations. However, in this case, the question arises: how to properly implement a messenger for corporate communication? Just imagine: the company has existed for many years, employees of different ages work in it, who have long built communication with colleagues and their own working rhythm. And they are unexpectedly announced about the need to master some incomprehensible application. Therefore, the company employees should be introduced to the corporate application in stages.

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First Stage:

“Implement, we must not stay idle”. Of course, such a decision is made by the head of the enterprise, but it must be done so that it does not look dictatorial. To do this, it is better to hold a meeting with employees and tell in detail about corporate applications, focusing on their benefits and capabilities. At the same time, the speaker himself must be well versed in the topic and be ready to competently answer questions from the audience.

Second Stage:

“Pentest”. Some applications have a free demo to get familiar with their functionality. This will help evaluate the results of the innovation and the response of employees.

Third Stage:

“Warm-up interest.” After the corporate application is tightly included in the life of the company, it is necessary to make sure that employees want to use it. To do this, it can be recalled that it is intended not only for working communication. So, the head of the company can create a vote in the application for the venue of the next corporate party.

The fourth of stage enterprise software development at Diceus “Transfer of cases”. After making sure that the workers are used to the application, you can finally transfer a number of important work points there. For example, announcing a planning meeting using the “Calendar” option or discussing new projects.

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