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5 Best Ways to Look Your Best While Wearing Glasses

Wearing specs does not mean you have to give up on fashion or style. Your eyeglasses do not make you look nerdy or unhip. In fact, they are an awesome accessory to express your personality and sense of style.

Spectacles give you the power of changing your look or improving it. Some people are so inspired by the appeal of glasses that they wear them with clear lenses (just for fashion).

If you’ve been having trouble embracing your bespectacled look, here are the tips to look your best with eyeglasses.

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Own the look

Glasses can make you look everything from smart, sexy to cool. Whatever style you are sporting, make sure you carry it with confidence.

When you wear glasses, people believe that you are smart and successful. Your glasses are turning heads for all the right reasons.

Since your specs get the focus of your eyes, people think that you are credible and trustworthy. This quality can pay off in locking deals with your clients or making a good first impression.

Select the best frame for your face shape

A big reason why you don’t like your specs is the way they look on your face. It could be a possibility that you are rocking a style that’s not meant for your particular face shape.

While selecting a frame should be a matter of personal preference, if you don’t shop around your facial structure, there’s no way that your glasses will work for you.

One way to hit the right style is to choose a frame that’s contrasting to your face shape. For instance, if your face has angles, tone them down with a round silhouette and vice versa.

Square and rectangle-shaped glasses look naturally more beautiful in round faces. However, if you have an oval face, you are the luckiest of them all and have the power of making every frame work for you.

Women with a diamond face shape should choose cat-eye women’s glasses and men may go for a wayfarer style to add width to their narrow forehead.

Wear the trend

Your regular specs don’t have to be boring. Going for trendy frame styles is the way to catch a break from your everyday look.

If you always take rectangular frames to the office, it’s time to shake things up. Give up your boring glasses and wear thick black square frames. They are perfect to vibe with your formal attires and have a contemporary appeal that gives an edge to them.

To keep things relevant outside the office, take the help of thin wired round specs of aviator eyeglasses. Browline style is the perfect style in men’s glasses to make you look your best both in the office and at parties.

Own multiple pairs

Can you wear the same clothes to the gym that you wear to the office? When it comes to
shoes or clothes, we all like to have multiple pairs of them for different occasions or even
for the different weathers, right? Like for rainy seasons, a god pair of waterproof
sneakers like Loom Footwear is a great choice and for winters, winter boots are
preferred. Then why do we make peace with only one pair of specs?

Owning two or three pairs of glasses will let you make a different fashion statement every day. Also, it’s a hassle to match every piece of clothing in your wardrobe with just a single pair of glasses. Create a new look and leave people in awe of your fashion sense.

Buy glasses online

If you find glasses expensive, maybe you should shop from an online store. You will be surprised to see such designer-like frames at such low prices.

Also, your local eyewear stores lack variety in styles and colors. But you need more options to choose from so you could make a better choice.

Using the 3D virtual mirror, you can try out these styles on yourself. And if you want to try them in person, these stores also let you have a free home trial.

Whether you are buying prescription glasses or blue-light blocking glasses, get them online at affordable prices and buy multiple pairs.

Glasses are the most fun accessory that can make or break your outfit. Make sure you buy frames that suit your face shape and the current fashion trends. Take care of your glasses so they always look like new.

Never clean your glasses with your shirttail as it can leave scratches on the lenses which will hurt the stylish appeal of your glasses.

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