5 Apps of This Year You Need to Download 


David Mudd

It’s 2021, and we can’t imagine our lives without the joy of advanced technologies. Our devices have become an essential part of today’s world. We rely on them in most of our tasks, whether it is work, communication, study, or else. However, devices on their own won’t help as much as the applications we choose for them. Overall, the types of applications you have on your phone or laptop can fully describe you as a person.

Moreover, having the right apps on your devices can significantly improve your life. You just need to know what to download next. Here are the top five apps of this year you need to have on your smartphone.


If you haven’t downloaded Zoom already, you definitely should do it now. What have you been doing during the pandemic? These days, Zoom is the number one tool when it comes to communication, especially group chats. It’s perfect for group calls. The application has a variety of features designed to make online communication as easy and efficient as possible. Hence, everyone can have a chance to be heard and seen when talking in Zoom. Moreover, you can use it for free for the first 40 minutes of the video call.


It’s been proven again and again that the current lifestyle leads to a significant amount of daily stress. More people than ever are struggling with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and poor self-esteem, among other mental health disorders. Stress plays a crucial factor in the ongoing mental health crisis. Hence, you have to do everything in your power to stay well. Numerous applications can help you out in this journey. Calm is one of the best apps in its niche with a focus on relaxation and better concentration.

When installing the app, you can choose the areas you seek improvements. It can help you with the quality of the sleep, concentration, relaxation, stretching techniques, and more. Overall, the full complex of those lessons and tips should result in a more mindful and relaxed version of yourself. You can use the app for free during the trial period.


Music can play a huge role in our lives. It is here to make our lives better while filling our hearts with emotions. Due to advanced technologies, music has become the most accessible form of art. We can listen to music at any time, any place. What other generation can brag about it? Now you need nothing but your smartphone. What’s more, you don’t even need to pay for separate albums and singles to listen to them. Now, you can just get yourself a subscription to Spotify and enjoy unlimited access to music all day long.

After all, why should you buy something before you know you will love it. You’ll always read speedy paper reviews before ordering a paper from there. You’ll check out reviews on the restaurant you want to visit, right? However, with music, you should listen to it yourself, to learn what you like. Hence, having Spotify will help you in developing good music taste. Moreover, it will also open a new universe of music, genres, and singers you have never known you like.


In today’s world, knowing just one or two languages is simply not enough. The world is becoming more interconnected than ever. People from all over the world are coming closer to each other. Traveling has never been easier. Global corporations build offices in numerous countries, finding ways to accommodate every culture. It means that people who can speak more than one foreign language have a serious advantage over those who don’t.

Overall, knowing foreign languages has lots of benefits. You get to train your memory, start a fun hobby, and travel with no fear of being misunderstood. Duolingo can help you achieve that. It’s a perfect app for studying language in a fun, engaging, and stress-free way. You can study for 20 minutes per day and still learn a new language! The app also offers various techniques and study methods. It even gives you rewards for working hard and allows you to compete with others. What’s more, you can use it for free!


Todoist is one of the most popular applications in its niche. The app helps you to stay efficient, organized, and productive during your day. You can use it as a simple to-do list when the amount of tasks overwhelms you. You can also create various projects and break down your tasks accordingly to their nature and priorities. Thus, the task “read myassignmenthelp reviews” goes to the ‘Study’ folder, while “Buy groceries” goes to the ‘Chores’ folder. You keep your to-do’s straight.

Overall, today everyone can benefit from having a good organizer. First, you get to lower your stress level by writing down and organizing your tasks in the app instead of keeping them all in your head. Secondly, you can set timers and reminders for each task. Hence, you will never forget any important thing you need to complete.