4 Helpful iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About!


Saloni Singh

Recall when we used phones for only calls? Today, our smartphones hold our whole digital life.

That incorporates, obviously, your precious photographs and recordings. Tap or snap for nine photographs you ought to always have handy, like your medical and dental insurance cards.

Speaking of photographs, how frequently do you invest way a lot of energy chasing after a photograph you know is concealed some place in your gallery? Quit looking over and use this smart stunt to rapidly track down a photograph.

Your iPhone or Android has a ton of stowed away goodies. The following are 10 tricks you’ll return to endlessly time again.

Both iPhones and Android gadgets have their upsides and downsides, yet the general consensus is that iOS is somewhat easier to get and use, while Android offers more in the way of customization and configuration.

All things considered, basic as Apple’s operating framework appears, you can find a lot of advanced features concealed beneath its cleaned surface.

On the off chance that you don’t know these handy iPhone tricks exist, in any case, you may in all likelihood never find that you can conceal private photographs, use your phone as a level, activate a covered up trackpad, teach Siri nicknames, and more. We’re here to show you the way.

Use the Keyboard as a Trackpad!

Did you know the iPhone keyboard can serve as a trackpad? With this feature, you’ll have the option to move the cursor all the more accurately and leap to pieces of text, all without having to tap on the screen. To use it, you’ll require an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities (iPhone 6S or more up to date), and this stunt also chips away at any iPad.

4 Helpful iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About

On the iPhone, solidly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad. Once the keyboard goes blank, you’re in business. Then, drag your finger around to move the cursor through the text. On an iPad, drag two fingers in any direction on the keyboard to activate trackpad mode.

Make Sure That a Surface Is a Level!

You probably won’t have realized that the inherent iOS measurement app has evening out capabilities. Regardless of whether you, you could not have gotten on a portion of the things it can do. To find it, open Measure and tap Level on the right.

You can use the level with your phone laid flat or roosted on its side in either portrait or landscape mode. To measure the contrast between two surfaces or are dealing with a set surface that’s not completely horizontal or vertical, tap the screen to set the angle to nothing. Then move your phone — the red area will show you how much the two angles vary.

Use it to make sure your photos are hanging accurately and your Do-It-Yourself is satisfactory. An iPhone may not be as exact as a dedicated air pocket level, yet entirely it’s as yet handy.

Hit Backspace in Calculator!

On the off chance that you invest a ton of energy inside the iOS Calculator app, you know the frustration of mistyping a digit and having to start the calculation all over again. This secret backspace function means you won’t have to stir things up around town or AC buttons each time you make a mistake.

Just swipe to the left or right at the highest point of the screen where the digits are displayed. The motion acts as a backspace command, and will eliminate the number you entered last.

While we’re talking about Calculator, have you at any point put the app into landscape mode with a touch of your iPhone? This view reveals a large group of extra functions, however it will only work in the event that your phone’s orientation isn’t secured in portrait mode.

4 Helpful iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About

To check, open your phone’s Control Place by swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen on an iPhone X or later, or up from the lower part of the screen on the iPhone SE and other gadgets. Find the lock with an arrow around it and make sure it’s not activated.

Conceal Your Private Photographs!

We as a whole hand our phones over to companions when we want to share photographs or recordings. However, what on the off chance that your collection incorporates delicate images you’d rather not show anyone else? Fortunately, the iPhone makes it easy to conceal your most personal pictures from view.

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Inside Photographs, select at least one images, then tap the Share button and pick Stow away. As the confirmation message says, your picked pictures will disappear from each location in your library, however you’ll in any case have the option to see them in the Secret envelope inside your Albums.

Go to Bed on Schedule!

In addition to allowing you to set alarms so you’ll wake up on schedule, iOS will assist you with adhering to a given sleep time. Open up the Health app on your iPhone, click Peruse in the base right, track down Rest, and go to the Your Timetable section.

On the off chance that you haven’t laid out a rest goal, the app will ask you to do as such. Assuming that you have, tap Full Timetable and Options to change it.

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Presently it is the right time to set a rest plan. Tap Add under Your Timetable or Set Your Most memorable Full Timetable under Full Timetable and pick which days you want the rest plan to be active.

Then, slide the sleep time and wake up sliders around the clock graphic to set times for each (the slider will turn orange in the event that you’ve picked times that don’t meet your rest goal).

4 Helpful iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About

Get Your Lost Phone Back!

Regardless of whether you use the Apple Health app, it’s worth finishing up the Medical ID section. That’s because the details you enter here, for example, your allergies and contact information for your closest relative, will appear on the lock screen when someone taps the dialer’s Crisis connect.

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In other words, anyone who gets your gadget can access this information. Thus, on the off chance that you lose your phone, a helpful bystander can tap through to figure out how to return it.

Another, better-known way to locate a lost gadget is the Find My iPhone feature, which allows you to track your phone on a map. Activate the ability in the Settings app by tapping your name and choosing View as My.


From charging the battery faster to taking a without hands photograph, these mysterious iPhone hacks will be your new favorite tricks.

Chances are, you have only scratched the surface of the amazing things your iPhone can do. Your trusty companion boasts many iPhone hacks that will make using your smartphone faster, easier, and more viable.

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