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365 Days 4: Will There Be Another Part On Netflix?

The third part of Netflix’s hot and erotic film series, 365 Days is already marked its release on the streaming platform. 365 Days comes out in 2020 and brings enormous popularity and heat on the screen. It is one of the most controversial movie series that the streaming platform has ever witnessed and it ruled out every other show on the OTT [platform. After the movie franchise released its third season, the show’s ending led people to assume the fourth part of the show. Will there be 365 Days 4?

Inspired by the popular novel series by Blanka Lipińsk, which served as the most popular erotic book in the world. The popularity of the novel series was already huge and after Netflix decided to cope with the fandom, there was no wonder that the movie was going to be a pure success. 

The film centers around Laura and Massimo’s hate and a love story that has already been turned romantic in the third part. 365 Days: This Day gives a brief of the dramatic life that falls for both the couple. After the fans watched the finale scene, there were high speculations for the fourth part. In this article, we’ll be going to read more about the film and will be going to direct everything regarding the movie. 

365 Days 4: Is Netflix Planning For Fourth Part?

365 Days 4

As far as the renewal of the movie is concerned, Netflix has not yet revealed anything such. 365 days is one of the most popular films on the streaming platform. With Netflix already releasing three parts of the movie series and generating massive screen time from it, it would be hard to assume that the streamers are going to cancel the film in such a way. 

Inspired by the novel series by Blanka, we are convinced that Netflix has only faithfully adapted the first part. Originally, the author released three books and fans have wondered if the movie will be a trilogy. However, as the first part was released, many similarities were enough for the fans to learn about the movie. 

However, as the story continued and we came to learn more about the character we found that Netflix is already changing some of the major things and making the story more exciting. Fans and readers were thrilled to learn that the story didn’t go as per the books. This leads people to assume that there will be another part. 

Anyone who has watched the third part of the story knows that there is huge potential for the show to happen.

365 Days 4 Plot: What it will be about?

At the end of the third part, we heard Masasimo’s iconic line with a twist, “Are you back, baby girl?” and these hints people wonder about another part. This shows that Laura has decided to be with Massimo after all these things but will she remain there forever? Well, this is a big struggle for the fans as there are already multiple things that can facilitate the possibility of another part. 

If you look at the storyline, you will find that there are already a lot of loopholes in it. Fans are not satisfied with how the story ends and somewhere they are struggling to wonder about the possibility of another part. 

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In the fourth part, we will be going to see the story of Massimo and laura, and their love story getting more prominent. Who knows the intentions of others as they lead a happy life? Also, who guarantees that they will be a happy family? As of now, there are multiple possibilities for the plot of another part. The officials have not yet updated anything such. If there will be something, we’ll make sure to let you know. 

365 Days 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

365 Days 4 Confirmed News

The film won’t be happening without the main lead recurring their role. For that, you can expect Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone to get back as Laura and Massimo, respectively. The whole film series centers around the character and leads people in their life. So, if there will be the fourth part, these two are coming back.  

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Along with this, the series already features multiple characters that are dominating the story for quite a while now. Simone Susanna’s Nacho is one of the dominating characters that has become a major part of the story. In the fourth movie, we are expecting him to be back and bring more excitement to the story. 

Laura’s all-time favorite BFF Magdalena Lamparska will be appearing as Laura’s BFF Olga. In the third part, we saw her role has limited screen time but who knows, the fourth part might bring some new things for her. Along with that, there will be Otar Saralidze, the fiancee of Olga and Massimo’s right hand. Fans Already adore their relationship and in the fourth season, we might see something big.  

Moreover, Laura’s parents Klara and Tomasz are also coming back to the show. Throughout three movies, they have come back. So you can expect Ewa Kasprzyk and Dariusz Jakubowski to join the cast.

365 Days 4 Release Date: When is it expected to be released?

365 Days 4 Release date

Netflix is yet to announce the future of the series and that’s why there is no official release date mentioned for the film. 365 Days is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on Netflix, when the first part of the movie was released, fans were quick to watch it, making it in the Top 1 position. 

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There is already a possibility for another part but we can’t guarantee it. If there will be 365 Days 4, it is expected to release in 2023. Considering 365 Days: This Day premiered in April 2022 and we can expect the film to be back on the track. 

Where is the Official trailer to watch?

Sadly, Netflix has not yet released the official trailer for the film. As of now, there are just rumors spreading concern with the film series. If there will be another part, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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