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30 Coins Season 2: Is This Horror Thriller Drama Renewed or Cancelled?

30 coins season 2

What is the status of the 30 Coins new season? Will it be renewed or cancelled for the next season? Is it coming back after earning good ratings and reviews for the first season.

This supernatural and horror drama series is for those persons who wanted to see more horror and are the fans of horror and mystery series as twists and turns in the horror series are common which gives you excitement and at the same time frightens you if watch these types of movies rare.

30 coins horror series ran successfully for its first season which ran back to back for its eight episodes on HBO and you can still watch this show on the HBO Max.

You came here to know more about its second installment if you are the big of this 30 coins or if you hear this series for the first time then you will definitely love this drama and go to watch its first season.

The things which happened in the horror drama are not the same as it is seen.

Let’s move forward to know more about Alex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarría Spanish drama.

30 Coins Season: Story

It is the story about Father Vergara who is sent to the remote area Pedraza, Spain to become a priest. He is the person who expels evil spirits from person to person or place before moving to Pedraza. When he moved to this town supernatural things started to begin and all people of that town started fearing when some horror incidents happened after arriving Vergara.

All were thinking that he was the main person behind these happening and then Elena and the mayor of the town Paco come together to find out.

They came to find out that these incidents are happened due to the single coin which was given to the Judas. The game or the battle between the god and the evil started while all were doubting that father was behind this.

The main focus in this series is on Father Vergara, Vet Elena and Paco and how they deal and fight with these superpowers.

The first season ends with a sad ending so that’s why fans of the series are craving more to see what happens in the second season.

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30 Coins Season: Renewed or Cancelled?

Yet, there is no official announcement of the 30 season renewed or confirmed. But it is expected that season 2 will definitely come as pictures behind the scenes are revealed by the director and the writer in which Coming back is written. It means that they are currently working on the new season of 30 coins which is good news for everyone to watch its new season once again.

30 Coins Season 2: Cast and Crew

We are expecting that the same cast from the previous season will come back to reprise their roles in the new season.

These are the cast who are in the first amazing season of 30 coins-

Where to Watch 30 Coins Season 2?

As the new season is not renewed till then watch its previous season on HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and on Youtube.

On Imdb the first season earned 7.2 ratings out of 10 with positive reviews from users and critics.

While it got 80% audience score with 91% average Tomatometer ratings.

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Final Words

The first season of 30 coins is given so much love from the audience and till this time all are eagerly waiting for its new season. We will update this article soon when new updates of 30 Coins will come.

Till then watch its first season on your favourite platform.

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