3 Strategies Auto Dealerships Can Use to Drive More Sales


David Mudd

95% of car sales happen at the dealership, but car buyers shop for cars online before making up their minds. So, automotive retailers who want to reach more potential customers should embrace online marketing. However, this type of marketing comes with its own set of challenges.

One big challenge auto dealerships face when marketing online is gaining the trust of shoppers. Because the consumer is making a big financial decision that will affect their everyday life, they can’t afford to make a mistake.

So, how can auto dealerships win over prospects online? Here’s what they should do.

Share Customer Reviews

Reviews can strengthen a company’s credibility and influence consumer decisions. They can also help dealerships to gain potential customers’ trust. Reviews encourage prospects to interact with a dealership, and customer interaction leads to improved profits for businesses.

Most car buyers spend months doing research and calling local dealerships before deciding which car to buy. They also read reviews about specific dealerships to find out how other people perceive them.

Reviews are a very effective marketing strategy. Dealerships should ensure they have glowing reviews and make sure the reviews are on every platform: social networks, Yelp, Google, and on their own websites.

They can also go a step further and create customer success stories–like videos of valued customers, They can use these videos in different places, like in newsletters and paid social ads. By letting your customers speak for you, you instill trust in potential customers!

Take Good Photos of Cars for Sale

Photos are extremely important to people shopping for cars and shouldn’t be rushed or added as an afterthought. Don’t hire someone who says they took a photography class in college or delegate photo-taking to your salespeople. Hire a professional photographer or simply get the best car stock images.

Remember, car buyers want to see real photos of cars, so choose a stock image site with a huge inventory of pictures that show how the cars look–both inside and outside. Don’t take unprofessional photos using your iPhone. They will only tell potential buyers that your dealership doesn’t bother about small details and doesn’t prioritize the customer experience. Use images that make your cars look awesome.

Give Shoppers Unique Offers

Why do shoppers choose to buy cars in one dealership and not the other–one that’s more conveniently located? It all comes down to the dealership’s marketing strategy. Smart auto retailers know how to convince prospects to choose them over the competition.

Brainstorm and come up with unique offers and incentives you can offer prospects. For instance, you can offer new car buyers free oil changes for one year or a 5% discount. Incentives are also great because they create a sense of urgency–they make people feel they have to buy something before they miss out. You can offer college graduates a $500 rebate for a specific time period.

Auto dealers who want to be successful now and in the future must come up with unique marketing strategies that appeal to online shoppers.