3 Steps to Test your Internet Speed: Speed Checker


David Mudd

Can you imagine your life without the internet? I know you can’t imagine your life without the internet, hence we are here with the “3 Steps to test your internet speed” for smooth operations.

 In the 21st century, it is nearly impossible to imagine one’s life without the internet because everything is dependent on it, from news to now working from home.

 Going through the stats of 2020, more than half the global population is connected virtually through the internet. Irrespective of where you live, you can now get in touch with your peers living in a different corner of the world within just a few clicks because of the internet.

Research by Statista reveals that the United States comes at the third number in internet usage worldwide with 313 million active users.

Why Do You need to check your Internet Speed?

But what if your internet is not up to the mark?

 I have suffered the problem of slow internet speed a lot, especially while I am working. To be frank, it is really irritating. You know the feeling of your work getting hampered because of some external reason, right?

 But for a smoother operation that will not hamper your work, rather, it will boost up your productivity, you should keep track of the internet speed you are using. With the right internet speed, you can use the internet two-fold without any barriers.

 To test your internet speed, you can refer to the various online internet speed checkers. But we will give you the perfect guide to test your internet speed through “SpeedCheck.”

3 Steps to Test your Internet Speed

Search Speed Check

When you type “Speed check” in google, you will find the link, which will take you to the website & you can check your internet speed.

Click on “Start Test”

Once you have the website home page on your screen, you will see a “Start test” button in front of you. To allow the website to analyze the speed of your internet, Click on the Start test.

Wait and Analyse

After waiting for a few minutes, you will be able to see a few figures in front of you that will tell you how your internet is doing.

How fast should the internet be?

When you have your internet speed result in front of you, make sure you compare it with the guidelines we are giving you here to know how fast your connection should be for appropriate actions:-

Going through what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has to say about the speed of the internet, the broadband internet connection has 25 Mbps as the minimum download speed and 3 MBps as the minimum upload speed.

Different activities take a different ratio of internet speed, this is why you need to be clear about the purpose of your internet usage.

So generally, I tell you then, a good internet speed is at 25 Mbps and above. This internet speed can support all online activities. But if by any chance you can have an internet speed of around 100+ Mbps, then you should definitely go for it, because that is super good.

For online gaming, you generally require- 15 and 20 Mbps, and for streaming standard definition video, you may require 2- 3 Mbps speed.

Wrapping Up

Hence after knowing all this, now you should be able to judge your internet connection. Because if your internet fails to boost up your productivity, I suggest you change it and look for a better internet speed connection.

We may compromise on a few things in this technologically driven world, but the internet doesn’t come under that list. Compromising on the internet may cost you a huge to affect your daily bread and butter if you are working from home.