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2100 Bars Shutdown In Seoul, 18 Coronavirus Cases Linked To One Man


David Mudd

2100 bars and clubs were shut down in Seoul, South Korea after the city reported 18 new coronavirus cases by Friday night. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the status of the coronavirus cases in South Korea to date.

Status Of The Coronavirus In South Korea

South Korea is performing quite well in dealing with the pandemic. While other countries have the coronavirus cases in lakhs, South Korea has 10,874 cases to date. 9610 people have recovered and only 256 people died.

Thanks to their government who took quick and right actions when the pandemic began. Furthermore, they conducted lakhs of tests every day and cornered the pandemic situation.

Moreover, the country held elections amidst such a crisis. They are very well prepared to deal with the pandemic and the number of positive cases proves that. The World Health Organisation is complementing the South Korean Government to take mature actions quickly.


2100 Bars And Clubs Shutdown In Seoul

Nightclubs were reopened after the lockdown regulations were relaxed in Seoul. However, 2100 bars and clubs have been shut down again in Seoul last Friday night. 18 new cases recorded on Friday night.

Moreover, all 18 cases linked to one man. This 29-year-old visited three-night clubs in Seoul’s Itaewon district last Saturday. He was tested coronavirus positive days later. As a result, the South Korean government asked entertainment venus to shutdown.

Moreover, it gave an option that entertainment hubs need to implement anti-virus measures on immediate effect. Measures include distancing, temperature checks, keeping customer lists, and employees wearing face masks.

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South Korea’s CDC Lab’s Review


South Korea’s Centre For Disease Control And Prevention reported that the Friday night event brought 27-40 extra coronavirus cases in Seoul. 12 positive cases reported in Incheon and Gyeonggi. One positive case reported in the port city of Busan.

The government has enforced lockdown in some parts of these cities. Moreover, the remaining country continues to relax its lockdown. Practice social distancing wherever necessary.