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Add Music to Your Video Slideshow by Following These 5 Easy Steps

Wish to create a stunning video slideshow? While there are several interactive features to include in your video slideshow for making it attractive, you can also consider including music to the video slideshow. 

Living in a digital era has led to innovative ways of documenting our lives. Our simplest moments can be preserved in the most artistic manner, thanks to the creative technologies at our disposal. Ingenious tools by InVideo – a leading YouTube editor, enable you to create stunning video slideshows by adding music to enhance the overall feel. It also provides a spectrum of advanced features to further amplify the mood of your slideshow.

Whether it is about celebrating a birthday or anniversary or giving someone a tribute for something special, slideshows with intuitive music can boost the overall mood of the audience. 

Why Include Music to Your Slideshow Videos?

In case you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook profiles, the chances are that you will encounter a slideshow video from one of your favorite bands or stars. However, what if it is completely silent? Are there odds that you would watch the slideshow right from the start to its end? Probably not!

As a business enterprise, it is your primary objective to ensure that the end users are engaged with whatever content you would present them. When brand loyalists themselves are not interested in watching a bland slideshow video without any sound effects, you will be hard-pressed to believe that non-loyalists are going to tune in. 

When you tend to add some music backdrop to the slideshow video, it is known to change the overall effect instantly. It not only helps in adding depth, but also helps in keeping the users involved for longer. Moreover, music can play to the respective emotions of the viewers as well. 

Do you wish the audience to be excited about the launch of a new product or service? Try including an upbeat or a happy jingle to lighten up the overall mood throughout the slideshow. If you wish to strike the heart-strings of the audience, you can also consider including some sad tones. When you create a slideshow with music, it turns out to be an effective way to keep the audience -both old as well as new, engaged with your new content. 

InVideo – The Best Tool for Making a Video Slideshow with Music Files

Create bespoke slideshow presentations that not only help in drawing the attention of the target audience but also help in getting your message across. The revolutionary slideshow tool with music files by InVideo allows you to create captivating experiences for the audience with an exciting video slideshow. 

The tool will enable you to create unique & interactive slideshow videos for preserving all your favorite memories. Moreover, you can also use the tool for acing the desired business pitch with the help of slideshow making tool by InVideo.

The tool is highly powerful and fully customizable. Moreover, it is equipped with all the essential features to deliver something unique and special for the audience. With the InVideo’s slideshow maker with music files, you can easily make interactive videos within 5 minutes. Some of the easy steps to follow are:

Step 1: Log in to InVideo

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Log in to the respective InVideo account. Then, you can advance to the Slideshow tool on the website.

Step 2: Browse through the Dashboard

The best part about this tool is that it provides access to a wide range of attractive templates and themes that allow you to create stunning videos with music. You can go through the massive collection of eye-catchy, appealing templates on InVideo’s official website and choose the ones that you desire. You can pick a dynamic theme that goes well with the message of your slideshow and draws the attention of the target audience at the same time.

Step 3: Make Use of the Advanced Editor Tool

Time this tool accurately to ensure proper control over your slideshow-making process. You can go to the Advanced Editor by the slideshow tool by InVideo. This feature allows you to create effective and amazing presentations quickly.

Step 4: Blend Videos and Music Files

Now, you can go forward with mixing both videos and photos that you desire for the particular slideshow. The inventive tool hosts an attractive series of footage in its impressive library for creating the desired impact in the video. Moreover, you can enhance the overall appeal of the video with the help of animations, transitions, overlays, and so more –all with just a few simple clicks.

Step 5: Save the Video Content

Once you are done with editing your video with relevant photos and other content, you can now add your favorite music files that go along with the theme of the video. You get to choose from the impressive library of interesting audio files. These files are known to feature copyright-free audio tracks as well as music files that you can seamlessly include in the given slideshow. 


Give your slideshow videos a boost by adding music and special effects offered by the innovative InVideo tool!