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Wendy Williams Is Waiting Eagerly To Get Back To The Usual Routine Of Her Show With Live Audience

All the talk show hosts out there are now using their social media platforms to interact with the outer world with their thoughts. Wendy Williams is one of those talk show hosts. Besides, she is very fond of her show with the ambiance of the live audience inside the studio. And she misses her show lot and waiting for the day in which all the crisis going around settle down.

After all, every talk show hosts out there are waiting for the authorities to take down the quarantine rules. So that they can get back into their normal routine. Moreover, Wendy told through more than twice that she badly desires to go out and shoot her show with the live audience.

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This Is Good In A Way, But !!

Wendy Williams apologizes for comments about gay men | EW.com

However, she says the whole quarantine and working from home gave some nostalgic moments. It reminded her of the old days when she did the radio works. Although, it cannot replace the fun and energy get through live audience and celebrities next to you right? Beyond all, she says that there is something about the TV medium that cannot be compared with any other. After all, talk show hosts and actors are waiting to get back into their old routines.

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