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NJ Municipal Court sessions suspended due to Coronavirus

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner announced Saturday that the municipal court sessions will be suspended for 2 weeks from Monday to reduce exposure of the public to the Coronavirus i.e., COVID-19.

The court will resume Monday, March 29. Officials said people who attend the municipal court to compete for a or parking ticket or traffic or violation of local minor ordinance must await a new date notice from the court. “As part of our continued response to the spread of COVID-19, we are holding municipal court meetings for two weeks,” Rabner said. “Wherever it is feasible to solve court-related matters by not compromising the safety and health of the public and also the staff of the court, we will proceed in that way.”

Municipal courts pursue reliable matters, such as temporary restraining orders applications, proceedings in which the defendant is at hold, and matters that represent the safety of the public.

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Parties and Attorneys to attend between 16 March and 27 will be notified separately. Filing and payment will be approved, except where the municipality has closed the building of municipal court.

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Respondents may proceed to do payments through the Municipal Court’s system of online payment at NJMCDirect.com official portal.

Updates of information about municipal court closures are provided at njcourts.gov.