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Fast And Furious 9: Is Han Back Only For A Cameo? The Timeline Of The Franchise Explained

Fast and furious 9 is the ninth movie in the franchise. The movie will release on 22 May 2020. The trailer of the film which dropped recently revealed some shocking sequences about the movie.

How Did Han Lue Die?

The death of Han Leu played by Sang Kang happened in the third movie of the fast saga, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. But the fourth fifth and sixth movie of the furious saga took place before the incidents of Tokyo Drift. Fabs adored King’s character, and he could appear in those movies.

He died in a tragic incident when his car flipped over and exploded into an enormous fireball. Before the explosion, Sean ran towards the vehicle and saw Han trapped inside the seat of the car. But hows he all fine and alive now?

Fast And Furious 9
Fast And Furious 9

Fast and Furious 7 showed Hans funeral as well. Later on, it was found that his death was not an accident; it was Deckard Shaw who crashed into Han’s car. The sixth movie followed with Toretto and his crew taking revenge for Han’s death. They injured Shaw’s brother Owen Shaw.

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How Is Han Alive Even After His Car Blew Up?

In the trailer of Fast and Furious nine, we saw Han walking into the headquarters looking all fine. The only person who knew he was alive is Letty.

A simple explanation of how Han survived is that he might have run from the car before it blew up.

The original footage where he dies shows Han being inside the vehicle while explosion, but it’ll be easy to show him somehow crawling out of the car right before the explosion. Or maybe someone pulled him out if the vehicle before the explosion. We never know.

However after he somehow survives the explosion, since Deckard Shaw wanted him dead, he might have been in hiding for a while to be safe and also since Han was injured he tried to take a break from the fights.

Fast And Furious 9
Fast And Furious 9

The theory suggested is straightforward for the return of an iconic character. We hope F9 brings up a better and mind-blowing way to bring back Han.