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Upload: New Amazon’s Sci-fi Comedy To Star Kevin Bigley, Allegra Edwards And Zainab Johnson

A trippy new show is preparing to take over Amazon, and we are here for it! Here is everything we know about Amazon’s new sci-fi comedy, Upload.

What is Upload All About?

New Amazon's Sci-fi Comedy

Upload will follow the story of Nathan Brown, who is a young app developer. Nathan finds himself in an automotive accident which renders him to the hospital to fight for his life. He, along with his girlfriend, Ingrid makes a rushed decision to upload his consciousness into Horizon firm’s ‘Lakeview’, Ingrid’s luxurious digital household.

Nathan then meets Nora Anthony, his customer support ‘angel’. Nora and Nathan quickly become good friends as Nora helps him navigate his new digitally extended life. Created by Greg Daniels, Upload takes place in a world where 3D printing and automatic Grocery stores are the norms.

And of course, one can choose to extend their life by getting uploaded to digital spaces if they find themselves approaching death.

The Cast Of Upload

New Amazon's Sci-fi Comedy

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo are significant characters, playing Nathan Brown and Nora Anthony respectively. Other actors who are joining the cast as regulars include Kevin Bigley, Allegra Edwards and Zainab Johnson.

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Bigley will play Luke Crossley, a veteran of a future struggle with Iran. Allegra Edwards is playing Nathan’s girlfriend Ingrid whose household Nathan gets uploaded to. Johnson will play Aleesha Morrison Downey, another customer support ‘angel’ who has many part-time jobs but is bold nevertheless.

Interesting Recurring Characters In Upload

Elizabeth Bowen, William B Davis and Owen Daniels are coming as recurring characters in the series. Bowen recurs as Nathan’s cousin, Fran Sales, who is a trainer at a fitness centre.

New Amazon's Sci-fi Comed

Davis plays David Choak, a cynical millionaire who feels his wealth proves that he deserves a bigger digital afterlife than everyone else. Owen plays an AI Man who comforts visitors and is notorious in many ways. Therefore, the three of them are supposedly playing troublesome characters, especially Owen, whose character annoys the hell out of Nathan.

When Is Upload Releasing?

Although the series has just received a 10-episode order, there is no clear indication as to when it will release. However, we do have our eyes and ears open for this exciting show.

The single-camera comedy series is ready to take us to the future, 2033 to be exact, and give us lots of laughs.