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Batman And Superman : The Two Superheroes Are Going To Fight The First DC Villain

DC fans are up for a brand new treat. Superman and Batman both are here to take down the first DC villain ever, together!

We have seen the legends quite a few times previously teaming up together to a fight the villains.

Batman And Superman

However, this edition (#10) of Batman/Superman brings back the first-ever villain by DC comics. It is all the fans have ever asked for!

Who Is The Villain?

Ultra-Humanite is the villain who is going to be causing destruction this time.

For the people who don’t know, the first time we encounter Ultra-Humanite is in Action Comics.

By far, he is the first super villain battling Superman. Ultra-Humanite is the epitome embodiment of corruption and malice in the society.

Like every other villain, he represents evil and darkness — a character who fills the audience with terror.

Batman And Superman

In the present day form, we see Ultra-Humanite in the body of a giant albino gorilla. This is because we see him transferring his brain into the body of the gorilla.

When Can We Expect To See It?

Batman/Superman #10 is hitting the shelves on 27th May 2020. Yes, soon!

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Joshua Williamson is the writer of the show, and Clayton Henry is the one in charge of the art and the cover.

All of us now know when to line up to gather the first lot from the stores nearby you!

Batman And Superman

What Is The Plot-line For Batman/Superman?

You can call it a necessary cliché how the plot flows, but that does not stop us from creating a buzz.

Terrorism is what Ultra-Humanite plans this time, which is primarily for world domination.

As far as we know, Ultra-Humanite turns the Atomic Skull into a killing bomb.

The last time we see these superheroes together, they were up against the dark version of Shazam.

This version also is going to be a prominent identity reveal for Superman.

Batman And Superman

Now, we aren’t sure if Ultra-Humanite is the one who is going to be responsible for this secret fallout.

So, our superheroes are not getting any rest anytime soon.

However, it only builds up the heat for us to see our favorites teaming up to take down the evil.


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