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Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date, Plot And Why The Second Half Of The Season Has Been Delayed

Rick and Morty is a comedy series by creators Justin Roilan and Dan Harmon. The show writers are Ryan Ridley, Dan Guterman and Jessica Gao.

It talks about Rick, a sociopath scientist, who goes on adventures across the Universe with his grandson, Morty.

The series first aired on December 2nd 2013.

Rick and Morty Season 4

Rick And Morty Season 4: Release Date

The first half of season four aired on November 10th, 2019.

The fourth instalment divides itself into two parts.

Each of the parts have five episodes.

For a very long time, people were clueless about the next half of the show.

However, recent news recovers that the second part of season 4 is going to premiere in 2020.

Episode six will mark the beginning of the second part.

Rick and Morty Season 4

Rick And Morty Season 4: Plot

“Half the season you deserve, all the season we could handle”, a new tagline is on the run.

We are sure about a fifth instalment even if the fourth instalment is still midway.

We can assume that Summer and Beth are going to have distinguished parts to play by the end of the fourth season.

The sixth episode will mark the beginning of a set of adventures by the evil Morty.

Introduction (Rick And Morty, Season 4) The fourth season of the animated series, Rick and Morty is intentionally a return to the self-contained, reset button styles of the first season. You can say that things will be more like Season 1 but more streamlined. Another thing to notice is the lack of overarching characters or primary plotlines in this season. The show has also secured a 70 episodes deal after Season 3. So, the creators must pave the way for a sustainable future by managing "unrealistic expectations". Tearing Rick Down (Rick And Morty, Season 4) Sad news for Rick fans, not that he's going to die or something, but the creators have consciously shut him down. It means that there is no character development seen throughout the season. In the second episode of The Old Man and the Sea, we get to see Rick's paranoid protectiveness over his secret pooping place, which isn't helpful. Following the loss of his friend Tony, Rick retreats to his insular drinking habits, and as we see him sitting alone in his toilet, his pre-recorded message for Tony turns back on him. And as Michael Walsh wrote for Nerdist, "The episode was an unflinching reminder that Rick Sanchez is not a hero anyone should be trying to emulate." Morty Growing Up (Rick And Morty, Season 4) In this season, we see an independent shade in the character development of Morty who displays typical, rebellious teenage behaviour against the instructions of his elders. He also puts everything else at stake to be with the hot girl of his school, Jessica. In episode 3, we see him putting to fulfil his creative interests and professional ambitions. Is Rick A Villain? (Rick And Morty, Season 4) As Morty steps up to realize his abilities which involves more time with his career and less with his grandfather makes the latter furious. He speaks to Morty in the most poisonous, juvenile and insulting way possible sabotaging his relation with his grandson. Rick disapproves any of his teenage grandson's interests other than spending time with him. The Heist styled episode ends with a big reveal; it explicitly casts Rick as a "villain". Rick's Character Compared To A Dragon, What Does It Mean? (Rick And Morty, Season 4) Episode 4 distinctly compares Rick's character with that of a dragon, a majestic creature which is both misunderstood and mythologized. The latter is always on the run of breaking societal traditions and thinks he knows better than everyone else. His pride, fearless attitude and living life on his terms goes well with that of a dragon. Is Rick Sorry For The Mess He Made? (Rick And Morty, Season 4) Midway down the season, Rick gains some respect as he takes up the responsibility of cleaning up some of his family's messes. While Rick maybe right and smarter than everyone, yet he led all the predicaments by being a neglectful character throughout. His prideful insight of being next to God also brings along with his minimal amount of responsibility. Conclusion (Rick And Morty, Season 4) Analyzing all the episodes streamed so far, we can say that this season has gone out of the way to keep Rick's failings front and centre. It portrayed Rick as someone not to be aspired to or as a person who couldn't hold on to anything whatsoever.

The next series of episodes is to have a lot of twisting plotlines and adventures we never expected.

It is going to be a ride all over the fictional world of Rick and Morty, and we are tightly belted in for the next great adventure.

Rick And Morty Season 4: The Delay

When the episodes started airing last November, fans got excited.

However, their hopes and dreams met a dead end when the other half of the series experienced a delay.

It is not until 2020 that they get something new.

Rick And Morty

The division in the episodes is also a tactic that BoJack Horseman uses this year for their final instalment.

The trailer for the sixth episode sirs on December, but we see nothing of the show.

This is done to ensure that the show did not get lost in the massive parade of Christmas movies and TV shows Netflix introduces every holiday season.

This strategic keeps the fanbase intact and hungry for the upcoming episodes.


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