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Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers To Look Out For

For all the Devil-fans who have been eagerly waiting for the return of Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix, we have some exciting news!

Lucifer On Netflix

Lucifer is an American television series launched on Fox in January 2016. Starring Tom Ellis, the first three seasons of the show aired on Fox, after which Fox cancelled its contract. Netflix, however, saw potential in the show and picked it up for its fourth season.

The fourth season of Lucifer aired on Netflix in May 2019. After its huge success and crazy viewership, Netflix renewed the series for its final season in June 2019.


The plot of the show revolves around the life of Lucifer Morning star, the son of God and the King of Hell, played by Tom Ellis. Bored of his monotonous life in Hell, Lucifer decides to take a vacation on Earth, in Los Angeles. However, after a while, the life he has created for himself here is too appealing for him to consider returning to Hell.

Things turn interesting when the owner of Lux meets the LAPD Detective Chloe Decker, and they start working together on solving crimes. The strange love-story of Lucifer and Chloe is full of its highs and lows throughout the four seasons, interrupted unexpectedly at the end of the fourth season.

Lucifer Season 5

Season 5: Everything We know

The shooting of the fifth season of Lucifer began in September 2019, and we’re hoping for it to be released sometime around May 2020. Since this season is going to be the last of the show, we’ll see a total number of 16 episodes, split in half, and launched separately.

All the main cast from the previous season will return for its finale. Tricia Helfer will also be back in the season, though whether she’s still Charlotte is a mystery. A new character entering the fifth season is of Donovan Glover and will be played by Matthew Bohrer. Whether he’ll play for the good or the bad side remains to be seen. We’ll also finally meet Lucifer’s father in person in the fifth season. Dennis Haysbert is going to play God in the show.


The first episode of the season will be titled Really Sad Devil Man, and will probably feature Lucifer ruling Hell.

The abrupt separation of Lucifer and Chloe caused by Lucifer’s return to Hell was not at all what we had in mind! We’re brimming with questions, hoping to find all answers in the coming season.



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