Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise fans will be happy to read this, the long-awaited sequel of Top Gun released in 1986 will finally make its way into theatres. After two decades of the first part, the second part of Top Gun was confirmed in 2015 by the makers.

Top Gun 2

What Was Top Gun About?

The first part was a massive hit, and the fans were eagerly waiting to know what happens after it. The movie was on hold on for too long, but finally this year, it is going to see the sun. The first part had Tom Cruise in the lead role, and he was nothing less than amazing. He plays the role of a cocky but a very talented pilot recruit, and he has to prove himself. He is exceptionally gifted, but the seniors want to be sure before they can put him in the air.

About Top Gun 2

The shooting of the second part of Top Gun began in summers of 2019. The fans hope that the action and thrill of the second part are just as high as the first one.

The plot of the new Top Gun movie might revolve around recruiting a new class and train them up in modern time.

Top Gun 2

Release Date Of Top Gun 2

The second part will release on 26 June 2020. The movie got delayed back a year, and earlier it was going to release on 19 July 2019. The delay happened due to some extra time that got summed up into the schedule for the movie. It was done to craft the action and ariel scenes perfectly.

The Cast Of Top Gun 2

The fan favourite Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are back in the second part, and this is what the fans wanted too. There will be some new faces as well, but the fans of the original Top Gun movie will see some old ones also. 

Top Gun 2

The new faces include Miles Teller, Glen Powell and Jennifer Connelly. Teller will play the role of Goose’s son, Jennifer will be the female lead for this part. 

Top Gun 2

The fans are excited for the Top Gun 2, and there is nothing that can go wrong with this fantastic cast and the plot. We hope that this movie is even better than the first one. There is nothing more can we say, Tom is back in that pilot’s uniform, and we can’t wait.